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What is Mahjong?

What is Mahjong?

Mahjong is indoor game of origin originating in China, usually using 3 to 4 players using tiles (pie) .Since the rule of Mahjong is never simple,There are a lot of things to remember.
Here, we will explain by giving examples to let you know what kind of game Mahjong is.Everyone, I think you know poker, but you can play poker with a large number of people,You will compete for the skill of hand and win or lose will be decided.If there is no skill in hand, “pig” will be the weakest hand,If you have a strong hand such as Full House, Four Card, the probability of winning will also increase. Mahjong also has a similar place to this poker, and poker uses playing cards,In Mahjong this is what is called a tile (pie).

Poker is always 5 cards, but in the case of Mahjong always 13,It becomes a tile (pie) .In poker we call it skill, but in mahjong we call it ” role (Yaku). “Rarely can not do If it goes up with a difficult role (yaku) to make Of course you can earn high scores.

Mahjong’s role (yaku) is abundant.What is different from poker is that in the case of poker it is full house,Two pairs and full houses will also be gone, but it is not so in Mahjong.In Mahjong it is possible to convert several roles (Yaku) at the same time Knowing that role will expand the possibility of collecting your own pie and how to attack it in one stroke.

Purpose of the game


In Mahjong it is not a rule to get out of a winning person like a mahubi.Even if someone wins without momentum, the game progresses People who finally have a joker will lose.You can quit if you get bored with the game.However, Mahjong is different. Someone the game in the Mahjong go up and At that point, that game will end and proceed to the next game.I want you to remember here,Mahjong is that “parents (oya)” and “ko (ko)” exist.Before playing Mahjong, first decide this parent (oya).

I will show you how to decide on a different page,Suppose you become a parent (oya).Parents (oya) shake the dice and at the time of parents (oya) There is a rule such as Agar and a score higher than others ‘ko (ko)’.If another person wins, the authority of the parent (oya) will cross the next person.Because we usually play with four people,Since the authority of my parent (Oya) passed over to others,By the time parents (oya) comes to me againI will play the game at least three more times.

We call “Parents turn around to all four people” Tonba “The second round is called “Namba (Namba)”.At the end of the second round “Namba (Namba)”It means that 1 game = Hanchan (Hanchan) has ended.At the end of Hanchan (Hanchan),

The person who won the highest score wins.

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