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What is crying

What is crying

In Mahjong, it is not possible to complete face-to-face (Menzu) with other people’s discard tiles

I call it squeak . There are 3 kinds of Pong, Qi, Mingkang (Minkang)

It is also said to expose, eat, hit, cry.

Assume that you want to sing a tile (pie) that someone threw away ,

Let’s remember that if other people also want to sing their discard tiles, there is a priority order.

1: Ron (I do not call Ron singing)

2: Pon or Can

3: Qi

In the case where Ron overlaps with another person, Ron of the upper house is given priority,

Depending on the local rules, Dabron who both are agitated Ron at the same time,

Let’s remember that there are trillons that three people agree at the same time.

It is impossible for Pon Kang to overlap.

Benefits of squealing

As the hand advances so quickly, it is best for agar quickly.

Benefits of squealing

It makes it easier for others to read your hands.

The possibility of hand decreases.

It will not be able to be reached.

It is called eating down (Kuasagi), but there is a role that the number drops.

If you can see the agar role list you will find the agar role that you will eat down at a glance.

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