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What is Wang Ting (Wanpai),Undersea tile (Hi-tei)?

What is Wang Ting (Wanpai) · Undersea tile (Hi-tei)?

Distribution (Hi Pai) , Rikai (Lee Pai) is over,

After the order from the Paiyama, taking the tiles Agali but I go with the aim of,

If no one gets aga, I will not take the last piece of Mt.

In Mahjong, it is always decided to leave 14 tiles.

So, if you draw the last 15 tiles, nobody needs agara

Therefore , one station will be closed, and it will be a streaming station (Ryukyoku) .

We call 14 sheets left in this place as Wang Pai .

What is submarine tile (high-tei)

I call the last tile that can make a Tsumoru at that station as a submarine tile (Hi-Tei High).

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