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Play the American mahjong

Play the American mahjong

In the lobby of the elderly day care center, after lunch every day, some old
friends will play an American game card (rummikub), often they are full of concentration
and high concentration, surrounded by onlookers and many interesting. I was attracted to them and
began to pay attention to this American game card rummikub, I called it “American mahjong
“. As well as in the “happy center” time, learn “American mahjong
“, live to the old, learn the old, and more will be a play, more than a happy is also good
American game card Rummikub and playing Chinese Mahjong, four people a table,
each person first touch the fourteen cards, placed in their own small row of shelves. A total of
106 cards, there are two clowns (or “ghosts”), the card consists of red, blue, orange, black four colors,
the face is the number
from 1 to 13. As long as the players
find ways to put the hands of the card leader all thrown out
, that is the winner. The rules of playing cards are: (a)
different colors, with the number of three or more cards
can be thrown. Such as red, blue, black three six-word card
can play to the table. (B) the same color, is a number in
a sequential order, three or more cards can be thrown. Such as four orange 9,
10 , 11 , 12 cards can be thrown to the table.
It is different from the Chinese mahjong card method is flexible, and to make full use of the
existing cards on the table, such as the table has four
orange 9,10,11,12, you
have orange 8,10 , Can be thrown to the table
, so that the table four orange 9,10,
11,12 cards are rearranged as orange 8,
9,10, and 10,11,12. When you do not have a
card out, you can only catch a new card.
One of the major features of this play is that the cards that have been thrown
to the countertop can be rearranged
to try to throw the cards in their own hands.
Table has been the card, is the four players a total of resources, who the new arrangement of combination skills
clever, who will be able to more cards, more cards, you can win to become a winner. This depends on the
activities of brains, eyes of six, clever mental arithmetic, hand eye disease fast to win.
“Like father,” Just when the campaign of intense, someone will stand up
in order to study the situation, according to the high table cards, trends and change; ready to open their brains
tendons sharp turn, quickly determine decisions, really nervous! Surrounded by onlookers are also anxious duty-
bound, from time to time to remind, support and out of policy. Every time the winner must be happy to
laugh, the other three players are not discouraged, and then try to make the next winner. Playing
the “mahjong” is playing Novel, play a fun, play a flexible, play brains,
play wisdom.
Older friends often love to play mahjong, regardless of playing Chinese mahjong or American “mahjong
“, must be brain and hands, it is said to prevent alopecia. So why
not? The Play it, let our old life full of fun, colorful

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