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Mahjong A game game

Mahjong (A game game)

Mahjong originated in China , Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao commonly known as “sparrow”, invented by the ancient Chinese game games, entertainment equipment, usually with a small rectangular block made of bamboo, bone or plastic, engraved with patterns or words, each pair of 136 The Four dominoes , popular in the Chinese culture circle .

Mahjong suit why is the tube, bar, million


Mahjong play around  

China has a saying: “billions of people 900 million hemp, there are 100 million in observation”, mahjong has become a young and old chess game, and with the regional differences, mahjong play are also different.

Mahjong’s overseas tour

Mahjong swept the world, even I hu-Mahjong from Jiangsu Taicang care card, used to record the grain farmer’s ed (I and), eat, touch and other reward, divided into tube, cable, three thousand. The pattern of the tube is idioms, but also the original derived from the cross section of the gunpowder’s gun, and a few cartons version of the mahjong in the West represent several gunpowder guns; the bird is a bird that is strung together they are brief and powerful, in the,

Chinese name
Foreign language name
Mahjong, Mah-jong or Mah-jongg
Prevailing time
Tang Dynasty
Casual puzzle game

table of Contents

  1. Basic explanation
  2. 1 Mahjong origin
  3. barrel
  4. Article
  5. Unitary chicken
  6. ▪ The origin of the sparrow
  7. The origin ofYeZi Ge play
  8. Horse tag origin says
  9. Zheng said the origin
  10. 2 forming process
  11. 3 cards
  12. plate
  13. Flower card
  14. order cards
  15. wild card
  1. 4 related terms
  2. Eat
  3. touch
  4. bar
  5. Listen
  6. and (pronunciation: hú, ㄏ ㄨ)
  7. 5 national standard mahjong
  8. Introduction
  9. ▪ The process of playing
  10. Fractional settlement
  11. 6 play around
  12. Guangdong Mahjong
  13. Taiwan Mahjong
  14. Hangzhou Mahjong
  1. Nanchang Mahjong
  2. Hefei mahjong
  3. Guizhou mahjong
  4. Sichuan Mahjong
  5. Three Gorges (Yichang) Mahjong
  6. Inner Mongolia mahjong
  7. Mahjong in Hebei
  8. Wenzhou mahjong
  9. Tianjin Mahjong
  10. Wuhan Mahjong
  11. wide water mahjong
  12. Xiangyang mahjong
  13. Changsha Mahjong
  14. Hainan Mahjong
  15. Jinan mahjong
  16. Taiyuan Mahjong
  1. Jinzhong Mahjong
  2. Anqing Mahjong
  3. Fujian mahjong
  4. Nanjing mahjong
  5. Yunnan Mahjong
  6. guannan Mahjong
  7. Shenyang Mahjong
  8. Xiangxi mahjong
  9. 7 China influence
  10. 8 overseas spread
  11. 9 winning experience
  12. 10 player rating

    Basic explanation

    Mandarin Pinyin má jiàng,
    Phonetic mo ㄚ ‘ㄐ ㄧ ang’
    Mahjong is a Chinese ancient invention of the game game, licensing class entertainment appliances, with bamboo, bones or plastic made of small rectangular box, engraved with patterns or words, each pair of 136 (some areas of 74). The rules of the game in different regions are slightly different. Mahjong’s card is mainly “cake (money)”, “( cable )”, “million (million)” and so on. In ancient times, most of the mahjong is made of bone, can be said that the mahjong card is actually a combination of cards and dominoes. Compared with other forms of dominoes, mahjong play is the most complex and interesting, its basic play is simple, easy to use, but which changes and very much, with the combination of people vary, so become the most attractive in Chinese history One of the forms of the game .

    Mahjong origin


    We commonly known as ” cake “, it is actually a granary Tuen (Tuhua) is above the top view, that is “tube” is an abstract screenshot. We can combine to search a granary map (temporarily did not find a suitable top view for everyone). When food is stored, people use mats to form a barrel-shaped column space, where food is stored, and in order to prevent rain, the top is two laps of straw mat to form a concentric circle. Therefore, from the top of the granary overlooking down, we see the abstract thing is a “tube”, two granaries is the two “tube”, and so on to “Nine tube. “Later, after the war came to the south, the name appeared on the” cake “of the pronunciation, is a picture to talk about the reason, but this error is also very common to follow down, let people understand the history of mahjong further and further.


    It is also an abstract figure. Careful people will find that there are two strange things inside the mahjong: one is that it is not “one”, but “one” was “bird (unitary chicken)” instead. These two questions first sell off after that. First said that the first mahjong is a “one”, then what is a Why the shape of the bar seems to have texture. The pattern of the “strip” is also a barn, but unlike the “tube” of the top view, “bar” is a side view of the barn. That is, we stand to see a barn, abstract to see it is a cylinder, then the cylinder flat, is a rectangular with a texture. And those textures are mats layer of a layer of bundles, ligation out of the formation of the pattern.


    Instead of “one”: the unitary chicken appears in the mahjong, and it is very strange to replace the “one”, of course the reason is because the warehouse hugged the sparrow. As the ancient has long been the habit of armaments, food as the most important strategic material, care is a strict rule, grain loss is also a strict limit, once the loss will exceed the provisions of the head. But Chen grain, wet grain should be drying, and the barn in the sparrow too much, they not only to “grab food”, and even in a seat barn village repair their own nest, the birth of a group of the next generation. Then the warehouse grain was gone, because “into” (birth) the sparrow. This also reflects how the warehouse manager who hate the sparrow, so with a sparrow instead of a, in order to inspire (remind) their own.
    The earliest carrier of mahjong is the strip of bamboo, the wide bamboo cut into 18 cm long piece, and in the above painting mahjong elements, similar to the 80’s popular in the rural card.

    Said the origin of the sparrow

    Sparrow cards this statement is the most mainstream of the origin of mahjong statement. Mahjong card, also known as sparrow card, sparrow child card, this is Jiangsu Taicang “food card”. Relevant information records, in Taicang City, Jiangsu Province, the royal large granary, perennial hoarding rice, for “South grain North tune.” Grain and more natural birds suffering from frequent, each year due to the loss of a lot of food and food. Management of the granary of the officials in order to reward the birds to protect the food, they will raise the number of birds to raise the number of birds, with the payment of remuneration, which is Taicang’s “food card.” This card engraved with a variety of symbols and numbers, both to watch, but also the game, but also for the bonus vouchers. This kind of food card, its play, symbols and title terms are all related to the birds.
    Sparrow card three basic color of the name is called “million, beam, tube.” “Tube” pattern is the gunpowder gun cross section, “tube” is the barrel, a few barrels that a few gunpowder guns. “Cable” that is, “beam” is tied with a thin rope rope birds, so ” a cable ” pattern to the birds on behalf of a few cable is a few bundles of birds, bonuses are calculated by the number of birds. “Million” is the reward unit, tens of thousands of money is the number of money.

    In addition, “southeast northwest” for the wind, so called “wind”, gunpowder shooter should consider the wind direction. “White” is whiteboard , put the air cannon ; “hair” that is issued bounty, reward and make a fortune.

    The terms of mahjong play are also related to raising eggs. Such as “touch” that “Peng” gunfire. Another example is the card called “and” (sound Hu), “and” “foo” homophonic , “fool” is a bird eagle. In addition there are “eat”, “bar” and other terms are also related to birds.

    So why is it called “mahjong”? In Taicang dialect, “Marian child” and “mahjong” pronunciation closer. Taicang words of the children to do (/ ng /), playing “Marijuana” naturally called “mahjong”. Taicang dialects (/ tsiak /) children (/ ng /), together become (/ tsiang /). Tang, mahjong passed into Japan.

    Ye Zi Ge play source said

    Ming dynasty named Wan cake (or “Wan Bingzhang”) in the “Ye Zi Ge opera (leaf opera)” on the basis of the creation of mahjong, to their own name “million, cake, bar” as the three basic colors.

    Horse tag origin said


    Some people say that mahjong card horse tag , card development , evolved from the. And horse tag, card and other entertainment games, but also with the history of China’s oldest entertainment game – Bo has been inextricably linked. Even the ” blood ” relationship. Popular chess, cards and other game entertainment, all in the game on the basis of the development, derived, evolved from the.

    When the ancient opera began, it was hard to tell the exact age. According to ” Historical Records ” and other relevant records of the text, the production of at least in the Yin Zhou King before. China’s first game called ” six Bo “, there are six chopsticks and 12 pieces, chopsticks is a long-shaped bamboo products, the equivalent of playing mahjong today when playing dice.

    According to “Yan’s family training compound” contained, we can see that Bo is also big Bo, small Bo. Big Bo’s chess law is not test. Small Bo’s play in the “ancient Bo” in a more detailed records. The method is: the two relative to sit, the board is 12, two of which for the water. Put the rectangular black and white six pieces on the board. And two fish, placed in the water. The two sides of the game take turns (ie dice), according to the size of the throwing, to determine the number of steps to move forward. The pawns reach the finish line and put the pawns up and become chess (or chess). Become Xiaoqi’s chess, will be able to enter the water “fish” was raised. Won six wins. Not chess, it is called the ball. Xiao chess can attack each other’s pieces, you can also give up the opportunity to walk without moving, but can not be scattered.

    Zheng He said the origin of the West

    Ming Zheng and the voyage , the boat is no entertainment equipment , the soldiers on board can only throw dice gambling as a pastime. But in the long sailing, the soldiers are tired, often have soldiers homesick , and even tried to regain, trying to kill Zheng and them, in order to stabilize the morale, Zheng and invented an entertainment tool.

    Zheng to the card, Yapai, Pai as the basis, to 100 pieces of small chips sign, to prepare the fleet, were carved 1-9 “article”, and then again loaded on board the number of barrels of fresh water, were engraved 1- 9 “barrel” (cylinder). And then according to the wind, carved “things north and south” four wind direction. But also to attract people’s money engraved 1-9 “million”. And then to “big Chinese Yao Bing exotic” slogan. Engraved with the red “in”, and then according to the four seasons carved four flower cards , and finally have a card do not know what is good, not engraved anything, this is the “whiteboard.”

    The first time to play is Zheng He, deputy handsome, generals, Zheng He’s wife (eunuchs can also take a wife) to play with four people, and finally determine the rules of the game, the whole ship began to play this game, the ship has a Surnamed Ma’s general, he played this game handy, so Zheng He gave the game named “Ma Da general card”, that is, descendants of the “mahjong card.”

    Formation process


    Mahjong card

    In the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty horse tag popular at the same time, by the horse tag and derived from a called “card” (also known as the silent and licensing) entertainment equipment. The card is also for the four to play, made by the paper card two inches long, less than an inch wide. Solitaire began a total of 60, divided into money, cable, million three colors, the three colors are one to nine of the two, and another unitary three-color (that is, mahjong card in the hair, white) Zhang. Bucket card, the four first take ten, and then in turn to take the card, playing cards. Three cards together with a pair of cards, there are three plus a pair of players to win. Winning the title is called “and” (pronunciation: hú, ㄏ ㄨ ‘). One to play the card, two or even three at the same time to inform, to get the card in the first to win. These cards and play is like today’s mahjong card. This card play in the process of always silent, so it is called silent and licensing .

    After that, people feel that the number of cards is too small to play, can not enjoy, so the two cards together to play together to play, from the card becomes 120. In the play, in addition to the three cards can be connected together, the three cards can also be a pair of the same. In other words, get out of the card, start with the need to eat, touch At this time the combination of cards will be “Hom” (with the door three figures connected), “touch” (three identical), ” open bar ” (four identical). At this time the card is also called “touch and card”.
    At the same time, domino also appeared in a “touch and”, will be 21 kinds of color each of the five synthetic one. And with the banners, self-blinding doubled, Messire to play, fraud and punishment and other provisions. These practices and terms of dominoes are also accepted by the cards and inherited.

    About the end of the Qing Dynasty, the card increased the East, South, West, North four color wind (four per color). At that time the most commonly used table is the square table, also known as the Eight Immortals table. Eight Immortals table name is from the meal can take eight people to come. Used to play cards always facing the party, which is limited to one party can not sit two people. Gradually formed a play by the four people to play the custom, four people sitting side. People have also inspired from the Quartet, in the card to increase the east, south, west, north wind.

    As for the three yuan card, hair, white increase, may be the desire to make a fortune. Is in the move (in the solution yuan , will Yuan, champion, called triples), made a fortune that is, in a move, a government official, naturally rich. Whiteboard may be blank, innocent meaning.

    Later, when people play mahjong often take the card finished, and no one made a card, feel disappointed. To make up for this shortcoming, so he added to listen to. The initial hearing only increased by two, gradually developed for more Zhang, until the development of a painted mahjong card.

    But because of the number of cards, in the take, homes, combination card is very inconvenient, people from the dominoes are inspired, gradually changed to bone, the card stand on the table, playing on the convenience

    Late Qing Dynasty militia

    The The authentic mahjong card began.

    As for the origin of the name of the mahjong card, no research. May be falsified by pronunciation . Wu sound person “bird” as diào, horse hanging brand a horse Bird, Bird became the hemp sparrow card, then turned into a mahjong tiles.

    Cheese on behalf of a coin , sliver on behalf of a string of coins , before a hanging money is one hundred, there are also known as “consistent money”, through the meaning of the million; that is, a million money Luo; and white, called “Arrow token “, White on behalf of the arrow target, made on behalf of archery, said the shot in the red heart.


    Mahjong card after the formation of the court, down to the civilian population, all love. The civilians also got fun from playing mahjong. There is a good player to write a poem:
    Today win board, row of sub-strokes. Ternary (in the white) and four hi (southeast northwest), Manchu encounter all units. Flower from the bar hair, month fishing from the sea Far away, bamboo bar afraid of people knock.
    From the above, we can know the general trajectory of the mahjong card.
    Chess → chess (current)
    Ancient play
    Chopsticks → agar → dice → dice grid
    Domino (current)
    (Leaf play)

    Horse tag (card) → silence and licensing → Mahjong card (bone)

    The number of cards

    A total of 152 complete mahjong cards. Including plates , flower card , sequence number of cards , wild cards . Popular is the simplified version of mahjong, excluding wild and large whiteboard, a total of 144.


    (Total of 28)
    1, wind card: East, South, West, North, the four, a total of 16.
    2, Wrigley: in, hair, white, the four, a total of 12.


    (Total of 8)
    Spring, summer, autumn, winter, plum, blue, bamboo, chrysanthemum, each one, a total of eight.
    Note: This kind of card rarely used mahjong.



    Order number card

    (Total 108)

    1, million sub-card: from ten thousand to nine million, the four, a total of 36.

    2, cheese brand: from a tube to nine tube, the four, a total of 36. There are also places called cakes, from a cake to nine cakes.
    3, cable card: from a cable to nine cable, the four, a total of 36. There are also places called strips, from one to nine.


    Wild card

    (Total of 8)

    God of Wealth , cat, mouse, cornucopia each one, wild card 4, a total of 8.

    Related terms

    Mahjong to deal with the five standard state, is “eat”, “touch”, “bar”, “listen”, “Hu”. In the official race, the official languages ​​of the five states are Chinese , including international competitions .


    On the home to play the card, and the next card just formed a straight son, he can eat.


    The other person to play a card, his hands have two identical cards just composed a pair of carved , he can touch.


    The other person to play a card, his hands have three identical cards, you can bar, called the bar , down the bar, and then to the tail to catch a card, the hands do not need a card to play. The hands of three identical cards, but also caught a similar card, called the dark bar , buckle, others do not know what is the card, and then to the end of the tail to catch a card, the hands do not need a card to play. “Ming bar” than “eat” priority, if you want to bar just right card is to go home to eat the card, then eat the card failed, the success of the bar.


    When you put your hands in the cards are made a useful card, just add the last one can and the card, you can enter the stage of hearing, after hearing can not eat, touch, and only Hit the hand of the card.



    And (pronunciation: hú, ㄏ ㄨ)

    When the final card type satisfies m * AAA + n * ABC + DD (m, n can be 0), you can match the card (except for a few special cards). Four players who first and who is the winner, the score by the end of the number of multiplication. Depending on the rules of the game.
    Special attention: ” and card ” is the standard called 灋, should not be “Hu card” or “paste card” This is not standard called 灋!


    National standard mahjong


    International standard mahjong , referred to as the national standard mahjong , mahjong is a play, the rules for the Chinese State Sports General Administration in July 1998 to develop. And then in many international and domestic mahjong competition applications, it is known as the national standard mahjong.

    Play process

    Shuffle: the card all over the buckle over, the license face down. Players rubbing hands with both hands, licensing uniform and disorderly movement, known as “shuffle”.
    Code: After washing evenly, each card 36 cards, two cards up and down together for a pier, each 18 piers, and code into the wall in front of their own, four card wall into a square The
    Open the card: the national standard mahjong , the dealer roll, the sum of the two dice the number of points is open card base. To the banker as the first, according to the counterclockwise order points, the number of points to the location of the card for the licensing card. From right to left and the number of points to the same point of the pier, the dealer began to catch the two pier, the next one in turn clockwise order card, until everyone caught 3 times a total of 12 cards, and then by the dealer jump Card (every pier) catch the upper two cards, others followed by a grasp. The dealer has a total of 14 cards, and the others have 13 cards.
    Card, sign, fill flowers: sorting the hands of the cards, neatly arranged, look at licensing potential. Such as the hands of a flower card , first by the dealer to fill flowers, that is, from the end of the card to take a card. The other three in turn by one flower, if the back is the flower card, then the end of the round after the make up.

    Line card: line card is playing cards to carry out the process. Start by the dealer’s first card, this process includes draw cards, cards, eat cards, touch cards, open bars (bright bars, dark bars), make up until the card or card.

    Fractional settlement

    88 Fan
    1. Daxi four : by the four wind engraved (bar) composed of the card. Regardless of the wind engraved, the door wind engraved, three wind engraved, bumper and
    2. Big three yuan: and the card , there are white in the three sub-carved. Regardless of arrows
    3. Green color : by the 23468 and the word in the composition of any card straight son, carved, and the card. Do not mix the same color. If the “hair” composed of the card, can be counted
    4. Nine Lotus Poets : A special card consisting of one hundred twenty-four five six seven nine nine nine nine hundred nine nine nine nine nine nine nine nine nine nine nine nine nine nine of the specific card type, see the same suit any number of cards. Do not know everything
    5. Four bars (eighteen bachelor): 4 bars
    6. Seven pairs : by a number of cards consisting ordinal number 7 connected to the pair and cards . Do not look for the same, do not ask for people , single fishing
    7. Thirteen unitary : three kinds of cards, one of nine cards, seven kinds of cards in a total of 13 sheets of 12 leaflets and another pair will be composed of the card. Do not count five door Qi , do not ask for people, single fishing
      64 times
    8. Qing unitary nine: by the order number of cards, nine carved elements and the card. Do not touch the collision and the same car, no word
    9. Small four hi: and the card when the wind card of the three carved and the card. Do not count three wind engraved
    10. Small ternary: and the card when the Wrigley two pairs of carved and the card. Regardless of arrows
    11. Word One color: by the character of the engraved (bar), will be composed of the card. Do not touch and touch
    12. Four dark : 4 dark carved (dark bar). Regardless of front clear , bump and
    13. One color Ssangyong : a color of the two young and old deputy , 5 for the card. No peace, seven pairs, all
      48 Fan
    14. One color four with the same: a color 4 times the same order of the straight son, regardless of the same three homogeneous, generally high, four return one
    15. One color four high: one color 4 followed by increasing the number of single engraved trivial three high, bump and
      32 Fan
    16. One color four steps high : a color 4 followed by increasing the number of digits or in order to increase the two-digit straight
    17. Three bars : 3 bars
    18. Mixed unitary nine: by the card and order number card , nine of the carved with the card and the composition of the card. Do not touch and touch
      24 Fan
    19. Seven pairs: consists of seven pairs of cards and cards. Do not ask for people, single fishing
    20. Seven stars do not rely on : three kinds of colors 147,258,369 can not dislocate any of the 9 series of cards in any seven, and seven singles of the southeast northwest in the white ( must ) composed of the card (no card). Do not count five door Qi, do not ask for people, single fishing
    21. Full double engraved : by 2,4,6,8 order card of the carved, the card will be composed of cards. Do not touch and break
    22. All- : from a suit sequence number of cards (including their own to eat, touch, bars to cards) and cards composed.Without words
    23. One color three homosexual : and the card when there is a color 3 times the same order of the straight son. Regardless of three high
    24. One color three sections high : and the card when there is a color 3 followed by an increase in the number of engraved. Regardless of the same three
    25. Full : by the order card 789 composed of straight, carved (bar), the card and the card. Without words
    26. In the middle : by the order number card 456 composed of straight son, carved child (bar), the card and the card. Do not count down
    27. All the small : by the order number card 123 composed of straight, carved (bar), the card and the card. Without words

      1. 16 Fan
      2. Qinglong: and the card, there is a color 1-9 connected to the order number card.
      3. Three-color Ssangyong: two kinds of colors 2 old and young, another color 5 for the card and the card. Do not like to meet, young and old, no word, peace
      4. One-color three-step high: and the card, there is a color 3 followed by an increase in the number or in order to increase the two-digit straight
      5. All five: each card and the card must have 5 order card. Do not count down
      6. Three simultaneous engraved : 3 times the same order of the engraved (bar)
      7. Three dark engraved : three dark engraved
        12 times
      8. Do not rely on full : can not be misplaced by the three kinds of color 147,258,369 ordinal brand truck and leaflets in a total of 16 white cards in any 14 cards composed and cards (not the cards). Do not count five door Qi, do not ask for people, single fishing
      9. Combination dragon : three kinds of color 147,258,369 can not dislocate the order number card
      10. More than five : by the order number 6-9 straight son, carved, will be composed of cards and cards. Without words
      11. Less than five : by the order number 1-4 of the straight, carved, the card will be composed of cards. Without words
      12. Three wind engraved: 3 wind engraved
        8 Fan
      13. Flower dragon : 3 kinds of colors of the three straight son connected to 1-9 order number card
      14. Push down : the card pattern is not up and down the composition of the card and cards , including 1234589 cake, 245,689, whiteboard. Not a shortage
      15. Three-color three with the same: and the card, there are three kinds of color 3 times the same order of the straight son
      16. Three-color three-section high: and the card, there are three kinds of colors in turn followed by a single increase in the number of engraved
      17. No fan and: and after the card, the number of no species of points (flower card does not count)
      18. Miaoshou rejuvenation: the last card and the card on the wall. Regardless of touch
      19. Sea fishing month: and hit the last card
      20. Bar on the flowering: open the card into the card into the card (not including flowers) regardless of touch
      21. Grab bars and: and others open the bar of the card. Countless and never
        6 Fan
      22. A pair of cards (or bars), consisting of cards and cards
      23. A pair of cards and plates of cards
      24. Three-color three-step high : three kinds of colors in turn followed by an increase in the order of a straight son
      25. Five door Qi: and the card when the order of three cards , wind, Wrigley complete
      26. All seek people: rely on to eat, touch cards, single fishing others granted cards and cards. Do not count the single fishing
      27. Double bars : 2 dark bars
      28. Double arrows : 2 pairs of arrows (or bars)
        4 Fan
      29. All the unitary unit : and the card, each card, the card has a unit card
      30. Do not ask for people: 4 cards and will not eat cards, touch cards (including Ming bars), self-touch and licensing
      31. Double pole : two Ming bars
      32. And Touching: And the pool of cards, the desktop has been bright 3 cards left the fourth card (grab bars and not charge and never)
        2 Fan
      33. An angel consisting of three identical cards
      34. Circle engraved engraved: the same wind with the wind
      35. Door wind engraved: the same wind with the door wind
      36. In front of the clear: no food, touch, Ming bars, and others play the card
      37. Peace: by four straight and order number for the composition of the card , side, Hom, fishing does not affect the peace
      38. Four return one: and the card, there are four identical cards attributed to a Shun, carved, right, the card (not including the bar)
      39. Double the same carved : 2 times the same order of the engraved
      40. Double dark engraved : 2 dark engraved
      41. Dark bar: self-grasping the same four cards open bars
      42. Off the unitary: and the card is not one, nine and plate
        1 fan
      43. In general, a card consisting of the same pair of colors
      44. Hi meet: 2 kinds of color 2 times the same order of the straight son
      45. Even six : a color of six connected to the order number of cards
      46. Young and old deputy: a color card 123,789 two straight son
      47. Unitary : three pieces of the same one, nine order number or plate composed of carved elements (or bars)
      48. Ming bars: their own dark carved , touch someone else to play the same card to open the bar: or caught a touch with the touch of the same card open bar
      49. The lack of a number of cards in the card
      50. No word: and the card without wind, Wrigley
      51. Side of the sheet : single and 123 of 3 and 789 of 7 or 1233 and 3,7789 and 7 are both sides. The hands of 12345 and 3,56789 and 7 not the edge of Zhang
      52. Kan Zhang : and the card between the two cards. 4556 and 5 are also flute, the hands of 45567 and 6 is not easy
      53. The single-fishing : fishing for a single card into and
      54. Self-touch: own card into the card and card
        1. From the pull (since touch) after a card, regardless of the card it is the next one is the chicken. Such as over two, three is the chicken. There are three on the money! The The
        2. Clear the chicken from the three-pound after the turn up to turn over 2, 3 is the chicken. There are three on the money! The The And there are bars to turn the fourth pier ~ and so on.
        3. Heroic chicken is a chicken every time, caught a money.
          Flower card : that spring and summer autumn and winter, Meilan bamboo chrysanthemum , each spent a point. Regardless of in the points and points , and after the card to score. Flower card fill flowers and the amount of self-touch, regardless of bar on the flowering.

          Play around

          Guangdong mahjong

          Drain and
          If the player A is called the state, the following home B play a player A can and the card and the player A but give up, if the home C or home D play the same card, the player A is Can not and that one. Unless the player A has to move the card situation, the meaning of the card is to touch, on, bars, brand licensing. When there is a sign, it can not and that one of the rules will be lifted.
          A shot
          Allow a gun to ring, if a gun and more, including the dealer, including the card , the next round of bankers continue to Zhuang.
          Guangdong mahjong characteristics in the ” Fan “, Fan is 2 times the meaning.
          Burst and
          Guangdong mahjong another feature, burst and (cap), meaning that is how many of the top, no longer stack the number of calculations , except for special cards, such as thirteen unitary , can break through the explosion and restrictions, these special brand no longer Superimposed on other species .
          Burst and for 3 times.

          Taiwan mahjong

          Sixteen cards: six cards for each card.
          On the card, the licensing of the placement: the same with the Jiangnan mahjong.
          Even Zhuang, pull Zhuang: even Zhuang, that is, to do a continuous village Every time even the village will add some. The player can be made to the dealer “pull village”, that is, the total is also lost to the total number of bankers, leaving three points for the next set of blog.
          A shot three ring: a “heavy” and three to eat and.

          Hangzhou mahjong

          Hangzhou mahjong card type is simple, pay attention to the headshot, financial floating, bar open and other rules, simple and simple, relaxed and leisure, only to retain several cards to fast and licensing for its greatest feature. A total of one hundred thirty-six: tube, cable, million, east, south, west, north wind, medium, hair, white.

          Nanchang mahjong

          Nanchang Mahjong’s biggest feature is the three non-repetition of the same type of plate can be composed of a straight son, coupled with more than not easy to rely on the “thirteen rotten” new type of introduction, so that the card easier ; And because of the use of more mixed cards – “is fine” and “sub-fine”, making the days and, and the frequency of the emergence of a substantial increase. In addition, as the game introduced the King of fine, red off and other points, so that “a bounce” is possible.

          Hefei mahjong

          Off unitary nine: the whole card does not have 19 million, one nine tube, one nine, and things north and south wind and colored flowers .
          Eight branches: and the card needs a door more than eight.
          And licensing: not allowed to eat, not allowed to play cards, there must be eight branches
          Roll : roll twice with two dice. With the point of the dice and the card as the starting point of the card, with the smallest points as the starting number. Such as 4 points plus 5 points for the “nine from their own hands,” from the door before the card began to draw cards, but from the beginning of the fourth London.
          Basic rules
          A, the first game, the first seat for the village.
          B, after the first game, the guns were Zuozhuang, followed by home Zuozhuang
          and licensing rules
          1. Small and four: (four touches touch the same card type), no and (the beginning did not touch the 2.5.8 of the three card type), lack of color (start not touched the million cable these cards Any kind of card type), six Shun (start touch any two cards each three), peace.
          2. Big and (“with small and” – that card type can be small and card type, but the sum of large): seven pairs of right, and will be and will be clear, bar on the flowers, grab bars and sea fishing months.
          3. Oversized and luxurious: seven pairs of (with four identical), bumper + bumper and or will be and will be all-in-one or all-seeking, sea fishing month + bumper and or will be and all-in-one or full Pair or luxury seven pairs, bumper and + will be and / or seek full or submarine fishing month or bar on flower or all-in-one, all seeking + will be and or sea fishing month or bar on flower or all-round or collision and.
          4. The maximum and: luxury seven pairs + all-color + sea fishing month and + will be + and + all seek people + sea fishing month or bar on the flowers.
          other rules
          Only million cable three cards. Submarine card roaming, tie birds , through guns, Zhang Zhang, leakage and, floating, Messire.

          Guizhou Mahjong

          Guizhou chicken hemp:
          Brand type: 1-9 million 1-9 tube 1-9. Guizhou mahjong similar to Sichuan mahjong, Sichuan mahjong on the basis of the increase in the chicken model, that is, and after the card opened the next one did not touch the card, such as open is 20,000, that is, 30,000 is a chicken card, if someone touched (Bar) of the words of 30,000, then the money and the card may lose money, the Hu people may win, this is the unique place of Guizhou mahjong.
      55. Sichuan Mahjong

        Sichuan mahjong popular Sichuan mahjong play, especially in Chengdu and the surrounding more popular play. Mahjong card only tube, bar, three thousand; lack of door can be Hu ; point gun when the gun is a person responsible; and the card when the bar plus Fan. A bar for some. The last four must be able to Hu must Hu.
        Sichuan local mahjong also has the following characteristics:
        Numb, can not eat, must be lack of doors and (in addition to some areas, such as Nanchong), the last four automatic and, a gun more ring, wind and rain.
        Chengdu mahjong called bloody battle in the end. Play must be missing one, a card and after the card, if there are provisions on the number of cards, the other players must continue the game until the end.

        Three Gorges (Yichang) Mahjong

        Yichang mahjong is also called blood flow into the river, the use of Sichuan popular mahjong bloody play in the end, especially the Three Gorges and the surrounding more popular play. The core is playing the door , for three (each person in the open before the door with their own three out of the way through the throwing dice to decide who and who exchange), has been hit the desktop without a license (that is, and not finished, Continue to touch the card to continue with the card, know the last card, each and once from the card and home began to touch the card), finished check the flower pig (three card).
        Three Gorges local mahjong has the following characteristics:
        For three, prime mahjong, can not eat, must be lack of doors and, a shot more than ring, hit the desktop without a license.

        Inner Mongolia mahjong

        Inner Mongolia mahjong has 136 cards. The rules include the following: First, there must be a collision or bar can, but also their own hands have dark carved ; Second, we must open the door, that is, to eat the family’s card or touch someone’s card; Third, there must be unitary Nine or arrow engraved; this play in the eastern part of Inner Mongolia more popular, such as Ningcheng County famous mahjong artist Zhou Feng Chen is playing this mahjong.

        Hebei Mahjong

        Hebei mahjong rules, can not touch not eat, only self-touch, there are mixed children.
        (Note: This rule corresponds to the two stacks of cards, fourteen Hu Hu, you can touch several times the most common play, no flowers, the base point of 1,2,3)

        Wenzhou mahjong

        Mahjong contestants for the four, respectively, East, South, West, North, the first door of the wind for the dealer, the rest are the next home. The rest of the counter-clockwise direction to round Zhuang, if the dealer even Zhuang is the player when the village, the base increase, if the dealer even Zhuang four after four players re-scheduled position. Each hand grip 17 cards, by eating card, pong, bar cards, etc., in accordance with the relevant provisions of the licensing and licensing conditions and licensing.
        Wenzhou mahjong mainly joined the God of Wealth (God of Wealth can be any card)
        Xuzhou Mahjong

        Tianjin Mahjong

        There are mixed children (in the roll, 7), the equivalent of restricted hearing or God of Wealth .
        There are “mixed children hanging” ⑵, “no two children” ⑵, “catch Wu Er” ⑶, “Dragon” ⑷, “open” ⑵, “the mixed dragon” (× 2) several species and by these Superimposed.
        Do not eat, no guns and no.
        No seven pairs, eleven units and so on.

        Wuhan mahjong

        Wuhan red in the bar to pay attention to the opening (that is, touch, eat, bars), not open can not Hu, two Laizi and fart and can not and red in the hand can not and.
        Touch and, will be the same color , all-color, the same color, all seek people , open bars, sea fishing, grab bars are considered big Hu. The other is fart and.

        Wide water mahjong

        Wide water mahjong, also known as punches and kicks , the earliest rise in the Suizhou area, after carrying forward in the wide water, wide water around the county and northwest region is also very popular to play water mahjong. Punched and kicked for three mahjong, remove the southeast northwest wind and million words (remove the same color can also be removed from the bar or tube).
        Guanghe Mahjong rules and calculation is also more complex. Can only touch, bars, can not eat, fart and can only touch or grab bars. Touch and, seven pairs, all the same, the size of three yuan, five-star card and so can and cards, and the corresponding number, the highest 16 to the top, Playing cards can only touch, bars, can not eat, fart and can only touch or grab bars, so there is a chance to win big Hu.

        Xiangyang mahjong

        Xiangyang three card five star is the latest rise and popular in Xiangyang region of the game, it uses a pair of mahjong card to remove million and southeast northwest wind, a total of 84 cards, by three people to fight first and the card. Three dozen cards, card type change, and card speed is its characteristics.

        Changsha Mahjong

        Mahjong to remove the southeast northwest wind, fortune, whiteboard and red, twenty-five to do the head, which is a mahjong play in Changsha, Hunan, in line with Changsha pungent, do not procrastinate character.

        Hainan mahjong

        In Hainan mahjong, Fan refers to the premise of the card, rather than multiple.

        Fan type has several kinds:

        1: to 2,5,8 to do the eye (also known as the eye)
        2: touch or bar (including the dark bar) in the white
        3: When you players touched the corresponding flowers have Fan, the dealer touch the spring or plum, the dealer under the home touch summer or blue, the dealer home to touch the autumn or chrysanthemum, the dealer home to touch the winter or bamboo
        4: touch or bar corresponding to the words of the wind, such as the South wind when the collision or bar southerly; touch or bar their own corresponding to the wind, such as their own banker, their own touch or bar wind, home is the dealer, their own Touch the wind or wind.
        5: before the door that is, there is no touch, eat or bar
        6: the collision and, that is, four groups of cards or bars of the card (that is, three or four the same card)
        7: 7 right
        8: grab bars
        9: all-in-one or mixed
        10: the most wounding is self-touch, the so-called “no rely on self-touch”

        Jinan mahjong

        1, must be done in 258
        2, down Hu, blasting that all 1 people 1 Fan
        3, bar count 1 Fan
        4, reported that the blasting can not and licensing, must be self-touch, Ming touch 1 4 Fan, Zhuang 8 Fan
        5, Ming playing a person 8 Fan, Zhuang 16 Fan
        6, the rest of the rules and the public mahjong the same, Hanoko only count Fan, not for the card, fill the card and the card count flower but not count.

        Taiyuan Mahjong

        1, the first hand holding the four cards on the front stand, these four cards only listen to the card, you can play one, and listen to the four must play in one of the four to listen! Any of the four cards can be combined with the back nine cards together to form a straight, carved, bar, a pair will, of course, can also use four cards to touch or bar.
        2, can not eat, can only touch (bar) card.
        3, after the opening from the end of the city licensing plate.
        4, legislation four mahjong once the card, it is not allowed to change the card, nor allow the bar again.
        5, the process of the game, the card on the table wall to retain the last 7 pier, if someone has a bar, a bar to stay 7 pier, 2 bar to stay 8 pier … … and so on, Not a pier.
        6, must be heard before they can and licensing.

        Jinzhong Mahjong

        1, the player can not eat the card, you can touch, bars, bars must be renewed from the tail after the card wall. The bar is only counted in the case of the bar. Ming bar count, dark bar count two chips.
        2, the card on the table must stay the last 7 and a half, the last card can not look and crawl.
        3, before the start of the provisions of whether the lack of a door, that is, the hands of the same time can not hold million, article, tube three cards, at least one missing. Lack of a situation, can not Hu eleven unitary, seven do not suffer and so need three cards. In addition, you can not Hu single card plus wind card or Wrigley this fart and (wind card for the southeast northwest, Wrigley for the white).
        4, no one and the card means flowing, but the dealer unchanged, re-start.
        5, and the card must be heard before the card, after the card can not opponents on the card changes, only allow dark bars, and licensing. The card must be placed face down and can be placed on the top of the card.
        6, and the card can grab grab grab bars, in the next home to grab Hu can.
        7, fraud Hu, including Hu can not Hu brand type such as the lack of a prohibition of the situation, or do not meet the licensing conditions, including more than a few sheets. Fraud is equivalent to losing to the other three.
        8, if the card before playing to make someone Hu card, called the point gun. Point guns need to pack three chips (including their own), called big bag. And after playing the card to make someone else’s card does not need Hu.
        9, before the start to be dice than the size of the decision to determine the dealer, then the dealer through this person dice was elected, the dealer authorities and their own card is extended to the next home Zuo Zhuang, banker doubled the calculation.
        10, the two catch the light; sixty-four, grasp the left; seventy-eight, the head to endure hardship; Seven nine sixteen, two each Minato
        11, if the first circle of four people playing the same card is called with the village, the dealer needs to give each other a chip, the second lap to continue to give each one, until there is not the same card.

        Anqing Mahjong

        A card that can be used instead of any card is called a drill card. If you turn the box, it is a box, and the number is the same as the figure. Tube 3, if the turn for the 9-cylinder, the drill card for a tube (million equivalent). If it is wind card, according to the order of the southeast northwest analogy. Such as turning the north, then the East for the drilling, if the turn is red, the drill card for the fortune. Turned the money board is white board, turn white board drilling for the red
        Red: can replace the card itself card that card.
        Hair: must be revealed, and from the tail of the card, when the hair for the drill, the red as the licensing, must also be revealed, and from the tail of the card. Several dollars to calculate a few turn over the money. When the lack of hair can not do when the light out, calculate the wind card, but not money.
        Drilling board features: drill card, also known as “all-round card”, it can be any card as a combination of other cards and other cards. Can not touch (because no one hit it).
        To determine the drill card: two times after playing the card dice, by the dealer and then roll the dice once, according to the value of the value (+1 cycle) to determine the drill card, drill for the banker’s home (clockwise did not move the first (Just the number of top cards), this card is to determine the “drill card” of the designated card, when the flop for the hair, white, when the drill The order is the next one in the order.
        Bars: if not in the white when the drilling card, fortune and whiteboard is a bar, can only be used to bar, hand, and can not and licensing. Red on behalf of the replacement card on behalf of the original card. Such as 70,000 for the drilling, red in this dish can be used when 70,000, you can touch. Can also play out. If it is in the white card. Then the other two became a bar . Such as a fortune card. Red and whiteboard can be used to bar.

      Fujian mahjong

      Activity wild: open the card when the tail of a card to open, the card is wild. One of the whiteboards can be used as a substitute for the open card. With brother wild: if the tail of the card is opened thirty thousand, then forty thousand is wild. “With brother wild” to specify the number of cards connected to the nine and sub-card to the southeast of the north and south in the white end of the connection, so open to 90,000 to ten thousand for the wild, open the north to the red in vain.

      Nanjing mahjong

      Flower card: Nanjing Mahjong, including 20 flower card, that is, Wrigley is also considered into the flower card, so there is no big three dollars, big four like the Hu law. Dice: usually two dice, throw twice, the first time by the dealer threw, counterclockwise counterclockwise to the players to throw the second time, from the second roll of the players that measured from the right to the second Points for the beginning of the draw. For example: the dealer throw 6 points, choose to throw from the next home, the next home throw 11 points, choose by the dealer began to start from the bottom of the first 12 days to draw cards.

      Yunnan mahjong

      Yunnan mahjong play is Yuxi area popular mahjong play based on the game. Including million, bar, tube, the word four colors, a total of 136. The number of players for the four people, each hand holding 13 cards, can not eat cards, can only play cards and bars, cards to meet the relevant provisions of the licensing conditions and licensing, peace must be self-touch can not point guns, the game began to open the last Two pieces; bar on the flowers turned two tail: As the name suggests, before the game before the beginning of the first two cards open the top, the player can control the two cards to open with the bid, after the bid, when the open two If you have a card bar, you can use the bar on the flower, you must take the open flower can not take the open tail, can not be on the bunch of flowers from the last side is not open Take the card.
      Yunnan mahjong basic play and licensing rules
      1, peace must be self-touch, big-name can point gun can also self-touch.
      2, the point of the gun when the gun is only responsible for the card and the card type of points.
      3, and when the card if the self-touch, according to the card type is the three lose points; if the point of guns, according to the type of guns are points to lose points.
      4, playing cards, they do not touch a card in a circle, can not abandon the first Hu.
      5, the last four cards, if someone is gun and automatic licensing, self-touch must also and licensing.
      6, flow investigation joke, not money.
      Branded Scoreboard Rules
      1, in addition to the first set of random selection of a person to sit outside the village, after each plate and the first card for the next one of the banker, and more people at the same time and the card (a gun and more) when the gun next to the first one for the next Banker.
      2, can not eat the card, can only touch and bar.
      3, Ming bar: the hands of the players have the same three cards, players play a player with the same card, the player called the bar bar. Play a card of the players to the players 2 points.
      4, dark bars: the hands of the players have the same three cards, playing cards in the process of touching the same card, the player bar called the dark bar.
      5, turn bars: players play cards, in the process of playing cards. Players touch the same touch cards, players called the bar called the bar.

      Guannan mahjong

      Guannan mahjong play only 112 cards, including 36 words, cheese 36 and sliver 36 plus a southeast of the wind, the card form mainly include: seven pairs, the collision and (brand for the nAAA + BB Where n is greater than or equal to 0 is less than or equal to 4), one-stop (in the form of 1-9 of the same color), flat card (ordinary and card form).
      Luoshan Mahjong (Hangzhou Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou City, the town of Luoxian Village)
      Luoshan “call dry, self-touch dry” mahjong rules
      Luoshan “to do dry, self-touch dry” mahjong and Taizhou Road and Bridge mahjong and the number of algorithms have a lot of similarities, and the difficulty of the card with the Shanghai mahjong comparable. So this “call dry, self-touch dry” mahjong skill is very strong, is the most interesting play. The rules are summarized as follows.
      First, mahjong card composition
      1, the total number of 136, including million, cheese, the sub-card of the nine, each of the four, a total of 108; wind card four, east, south, west, north, the four, a total of 16 ; Large card three, in, hair, white, the four, a total of 12. No spring, summer, autumn and winter.
      2, the first round of the number of cards: banker 14, Yu three 13.
      Second, the meaning of the term
      1, the banker: a roll of each dice.
      2, the seat of the wind: each seat seat signs, the dealer for the wind, the next home for the south wind, the home for the westerly, home for the north wind
      3, God of Wealth: also known as flowers, and the card can replace any card, in the process of licensing the line can only replace an anise or wind involved in the flower touch.
      4, straight: three cards with the same number of cards.
      5, engraved: three of the same card, hit out for the Ming, in the hands of the dark carved.
      6, pairs: two identical cards.
      7, eat: home to play the card can be combined with their own cards into a straight, you can choose to eat. But the time to eat can be any one and not limited to home.
      8, touch: his family played the card with his hands in the same child, you can choose to touch, called the real touch; with a God of wealth instead of an anise or wind called the flower touch. If you really touch, then really touch the first, if the two to spend touch, then play this card from this count, according to counter-clockwise first round priority.
      9, bar: bar bar and bar bars. His own dark carving, his family played this card, then open the bar, said the bar; their own touched the card has been hit and open the bar, but also Ming bars. Own the same four cards and open bars called bars.
      10, hanging head: the card and the card is one of the composition of the child.
      11, grab bars when the self-touch: when there is a bar hit the card, their own just to and this card, called grab bars when the Mo touch, and the number of self-calculation.
      12, on the Hu: by the touch, dark carved, the composition of the type of card, that is, the following types of cards ⑤.
      13, Minato one: and the card in addition to the wind card, aniseed, the remaining cards the same suit, count one, called “Minato a”.
      14, clear three: and the card only million, tube, one of the types of cards, count three, called “clear three.”
      15, clear four: at the same time in line with the above 12 and 14, said “clear four.”
      16, bars open: open the bar when the card and and.
      17, shortage and: catch all the cards still do not have a card.
      18, side Zhang: their own one or two or nine, from touch or eat three and seven, at this time of three or seven said Zhang.
      19, inlay: the middle of a straight child.
      Third, the rules of the line
      1, the first set by any one dice, by this one began to counterclockwise throw the dice points and that is the dealer. Starting from the second set and the dealer for the dealer. Shortage and, then by the former banker to continue when the dealer.
      2, the dealer throws the dice, from the dealer began to counterclockwise throw the total number of dice, that is, from the clockwise direction of the total number of dice count the number of piers, began to take the card.
      3, each took the beat card of the next card to determine the God of Wealth of the card, the God of Wealth of the card points by a plus a total of 4. Such as turning ten thousand, the God of Wealth for the twenty thousand; turn 90,000, the God of Wealth for ten thousand. Other colors push. If the wind card, according to the “southeast northwest” order to determine, if the big card, according to “in the white” in the order to determine.
      4, when the card, from the end of the card in order to draw cards.
      5, the principle of priority, and priority over the touch (bar) and eat, touch (bar) priority over to eat; really touch the first pass on the flower touch; such as a card has more than two, and this time counterclockwise closest to Chong The priority.
      6, do not limit the number of sheets from a eat or touch, there is no contracting relationship.
      7, and card type, including the following five kinds:
      ① 123/123/123/123/11
      ② 123/123/123/111/11
      ③ 123/123/111/111/11
      ④123 / 111/111/111/11
      ⑤111 / 111/111/111 / 11,111 can be 1111, the same.
      8, and licensing conditions, self-touch 100 and above or punch 200 and above.
      9, each plate has only one and home, that is, there is no more than a gun.
      Four, and several algorithms
      (A) the basic and the number
      1, the number of two to eight cards, touch 2 and, dark carved 4 and, Ming bar 8 and dark bars 16 and.
      2, the wind card, aniseed and the number of one, nine of the cards, touch 4 and, dark engraved 8 and, Ming bars 16 and, dark bar 32 and.
      3, anise and the wind on the child 2 and.
      4, self-touch and the card when the special algorithm: the number of two to eight cards, dark carved 6 and, known as “self-touch six”, hanging 4 and, called “self-touch four”; wind card, Nine of the card, dark carved 10 and, called “self-touch ten”, hanging head 6 and, also known as “touch six”; side Zhang, embedded 4 and, also known as “self-touch four.”
      5, the red and the card when the special algorithm: hanging two to eight cards, 2 and; the remaining 4 and; side Zhang, embedded 2 and.
      The sum of the above and the number is the basic and the number.
      (B) at the end and
      And the card at the end of time and unity for 10 Hu.
      (C) the number of algorithms
      1, anise and the wind touch, dark carved, the bar of a Taiwan.
      2, on the Hu count one.
      3, Minato a meter one.
      4, a bar to open a meter.
      5, three sets of three dollars.
      6, four sets of four sets of four.
      The sum of the above is the total number of units.
      (D) and the number of cards and numbers
      And the number of cards and the number equal to the basic and the number of the end and then multiplied by 2 of the total number of parties (rounded ten). That is, if the calculation and number of digits is not zero, then the tens of bits into one, so that it becomes a multiple of 10. Such as the number of calculated and 122, according to 130, and so on.
      (E) the special provisions of the cards and numbers
      In line with the above-mentioned and licensing type ①, and the card is not a hanging head, side Zhang, embedded, called “peace”, count 30 Hu; meet this condition, and for the Qing three, called “clear three peace” 240 and.
      Attached to the common and the number table.
      Call dry common and count the table
      Number of units Basic and number Bottom and And cards and numbers
      twenty two
      twenty four
      Clear three peace
      twenty two
      Fifth, the stack calculation method
      1, each stack of chips unified.
      2, whether from touch or red, and whether the red or non-Chong home, pay and home of the chip uniform.

      Shenyang Mahjong

      First, the basic requirements
      1. Shenyang mahjong card number of 136, do not use flower card.
      2. Shenyang mahjong of the bottom is divided into 1 (that is, “and” for the 1,2 side), the final and the number of people according to the number of points. There are N fan, the score is 2 of the N power.
      3. In the state of the door is not allowed and the card, you must touch the bar (Ming bar) “open the door.”
      4. Not allowed to lack the door, not allowed to lack “unitary nine”, you can lack the word.
      Second, the calculation
      1. And in Shenyang called “floating”, count 3 Fan
      2. “In the white” Ming bar count 2, the dark bar count 4 Fan; “southeast northwest” and other cards of the Ming bar count 1 Fan, dark bar count 2 Fan.
      3. Under normal circumstances, touch “in the white” count 1 Fan.
      4. “Closed-door gun” count 1 Fan.
      5. “Boring three”, also known as “close the mountain”, that is, and only when the card and the card “open the door”, count 1 Fan. Calculation “boring three”, while calculating “closed doors”.
      6. In the hands of the cake for the cake (or article or million) or 8,9 cake (or article or million), and 3 cake (or article or million) or 7 cake (or article or million), that constitutes a “side And “, count 2 Fan.
      7. And the card for the two cards (for example, the hands of the card for the 3 cake and 5 cake, and 4 cake), constitute a “folder and”, count 2 times.
      8. Bar on the flowering, sea fishing month, bar on the tears (that is, when the bar, playing the card point of the gun) count 1 Fan.
      9. Other card way called “small and”, count 1 Fan.

        Three special
        Shenyang Mahjong “bright card” one said, “bright card” for 2 Fan: (sometimes not allowed to show or from the second touch card does not allow to show)
        ① the hands of “southeast northwest” each one, you can show, and “over the bar.” This is basically the same as the operation of “bar”. Note that only in the home after the card can be shown.
        ② in the hands of “in the white” each one, you can show. Even if there is no turn into the home when the card can also be shown.
        ③ after the show, if someone touch plate (southeast of the white), then the collision for 2 Fan.
        ④ “bright card” is not counted as “open the door”, and not bright when not allowed and licensing

        Xiangxi mahjong

        Mahjong no “east, south, west, north, middle, white board, hair”. The play is divided into: “258” and “turn mahjong”.
        One, twenty-five eight
        Xiao Hu: the color of the twenty-five for the will, and then collected three connected cards, or three of the same card, you can Hu card.
        Big Hu: seven pairs of: collection of seven pairs of cards, you can Hu card.
        All the same color of the twenty-five for the will, and then collected three cards connected with the color, or three identical cards, you can Hu card.
        Second, turn mahjong
        Xiao Hu: all the cards can be for, but only “touch” can not “eat”, three connected cards to touch (but in addition to Hu card).
        Big Hu: seven pairs of: collection of seven pairs of cards, you can Hu card.

        All the same color of the twenty-five for the will, and then collected three cards connected with the color, or three identical cards, you can Hu card.

        China influence



        The movement not only has the unique characteristics of the game, but also has a set of intellectual, interesting, game in one of the movement, charm and content rich, long heritage of oriental cultural characteristics, and thus become a treasure house of traditional Chinese culture is an important part The

        Mahjong movement in China’s vast urban and rural areas is very popular, popular range related to all sectors of society, various fields, has entered the tens of thousands of households, becoming China’s largest and influential intellectual sports activities. The objective existence of the mahjong movement is the reality that no one in China can avoid today.
        As a traditional Chinese cultural phenomenon, the mahjong movement does have its manifestation of diversity. Because of this, some people think that mahjong is an important part of traditional Chinese culture, its unique value called the country’s treasures; also some hated, that mahjong is the first gambling, the degree of evil with the drug is no different
        Mahjong and gambling are not necessarily linked. After the founding of new China, gambling disappeared, mahjong in people’s amateur cultural life in the existence of health for many years. Today, when someone with mahjong as a gambling time, its guilt, when not in the mahjong. Orange was born in Huainan that the orange, planted in Huaibei that the trifoliate orange Things in man-made.
        Because the mahjong card has a strong interest, entertainment and puzzle, which is very popular with people’s favorite, very popular, great impact. In the early 1920s, mahjong was not only popular in Asia , but also popular in Europe and America. At that time the export of mahjong card, the card surface often there are Arabic numerals and English letters. There are many foreign books detailing mahjong play and research mahjong play magazines. Japan and other countries also have specialized research mahjong card groups and regular national mahjong contest. In Europe and the United States, the mahjong as the embodiment of the East taste of the antique, into the carved fine box collection is also no lack of its people. With the development of modern science, the tentacles of electronic computers have been extended to various fields of life. Someone developed a “mahjong software”, people sitting in front of the computer, press the keyboard, you can play with the computer “bird war”, its fun.
        In China, mahjong card in a period of time has been into the limbo. But now has become a lot of people an entertainment. Retired from the old comrades, have a few laps in their spare time, refreshed. Family, festivals, family reunion, playing a few laps mahjong, also filled with the joy of the festival. Playing mahjong has become a popular healthy recreational activities.
        The basic pattern of mahjong from the Ming Dynasty card ” horse hanging “. Gu Yanwu, ” Japan recorded in the record, ” said: “Wanli at the end, peace without incident, the doctor without any intention, there is a phase from the gambler, to the revelation, the beginning of the horse hanging drama.” Contemporaneous Ningbo literati Li Ye Si ” Horse hanging said “to support the above view. It is noteworthy that the horse hanging cards in the color of “million words”, ” cable ” and “money” three, basic and mahjong color Xu Xu, but the play is not the same.
        We can find the early information on the mahjong mainly seen in the Xu Ke ” clean barnyard class notes “: “sparrow, horse hanging sound turn.” Wu people call birds such as Diao, to read. “In addition, the spread of mahjong A historical material worth mentioning *, Du Yaquan “Bo Shi” said, “According to legend, mahjong card first popular in Fujian and Guangdong coastal areas and sea, Qing Guangxu early years by the Ningbo Jiangxia extension and Tianjin commercial port.” That is, mahjong is After the late Qing Dynasty through Ningbo, and then extended to the country.
        The role of Ningbo in the formation of mahjong, in fact, not only in the spread, but also to create. Before and after the Qing Xianfeng, Ningbo has a smell Chen Zheng key, word fish door, the old residence in the city Jiang Temple Lane, the person and the British consul in Ningbo Xia Fu Li meet very well, after simply moved to Jiangbei foreigners to stay, and taught the British The diplomat plays mahjong. This day we have from the British heir’s memoirs to find the basis of today’s Chen’s Sun, “mahjong is my predecessors invented”, and Jiang Temple Lane old residents still know “屙 master ( Chen Yu door ) invention Mahjong “thing. Mahjong is the pronunciation of Ningbo, “sparrow”, which is because Chen Yu door in the play of the card mahjong in the amount of a pair of “sparrow.” Today, the Japanese still mahjong written as “sparrow” and read “mahjong”, but the real sparrow in Japanese to read into another sound, and all the Japanese mahjong terminology, also use the pronunciation of Ningbo dialect. At the same time, Chen Yu door also created a “bar”, “eat” and dice positioning method.

        In short, the mahjong is Ningbo into Chen Yu door according to the basic color of the horse hanging and the basic form of nine cards of a new way of domino game, from Ningbo to all over, to create the time in the Qing Tongzhi, Guangxu between. Mahjong is the trumpet of Ningbo ” sparrow “, strictly speaking, it should be written as “sparrow”.

        Overseas spread


        Beijing Mahjong Museum

        Will be used to play in the hands of the little thing, with it crackling the city’s voice for any Chinese city people are familiar – but in the mahjong first birthday, it was regarded as “national essence”, as For the Chinese “national” specific microrepresentatives, the early twentieth century it also drifting across the sea, in the United States and other places in the development of the 1930s around the wave, in theCalifornia seaside, the United States women in the pool playing mahjong day. For them, this slippery time to spend time gadgets, intertwined with exotic romance, but also the essence of ancient Chinese wisdom, the symbol of Chinese culture.

        As early as the 1920s, mahjong was removed from the United States into Europe, and has been short-lived.
        Before and after 1920, American businessman JoesphBabcock introduced mahjong from Shanghai to the United States. He wrote a pamphlet, unified the norms of English terms, take the Mahjong English called “Mah-Jong”, and have copyright. Only in the United States grand occasion, in 1922 more than 131,000 pairs of mahjong sold out, priced at up to a $ 500, while a pair of good mahjong but $ 100; 1923 sales soared to 1.5 million , Then the United States has 15 million people playing mahjong, most of them housewives.
        Babcock will be mahjong into the United States after a few years, mahjong was introduced to Europe, the 1920s, the United States, Britain and Australia are the rise of mahjong, and even some royal aristocracy also fell in love with the “Chinese technology .”
        As for the development of mahjong in Europe, had to mention the “bridgehead” of the Netherlands, the country has 16 million people, so far still maintain the original most of the rules. In the 1920s, the Netherlands had set up a “Dutch mahjong group” organization, but because of the puzzled rules of the game , and soon he was dissolved. “Dutch mahjong group” after the fall, the Dutch will only at home with relatives and friends or small clubs to play the game, and not with other groups to contact the game. Until the early 1990s, a club called “The First Dutch Mahjong Society” developed a series of mahjong rules for their early races, which were basically based on JP Babcock’s rules of the West The The only mahjong race in the Netherlands was known as the Dutch Champions League.


        Two mahjong

        Will be the invention of the Chinese people, saying: “billions of people 900 million hemp, there are 100 million in observation.” However, the mahjong figure has appeared in the world, which is the spread of Chinese, but more important is the majestic itself due to the charm.

        The Chinese people playing bridge or snooker, after winning that “I won”; the British play mahjong, after winning that “I hu-ed (I and)” – with those who Compared to the game, the Chinese mahjong overseas road can be described as original export, authentic. Not only “I hu-ed”, even “eat”, “touch” such idioms, but also the original appeared in the Western mahjong table, they are brief and powerful, without explanation, in the popular and 20th century European and American culture Seamless docking.
        The popularity of mahjong in Japan began in 1924 from the introduction of the press, and then later in the column of the Asahi Shimbun readers’ question, what was the recent mahjong that was seen in the novel and in the newspapers ? “The problem. However, this time the mahjong game is limited to the upper class in the leisure class , as well as good at accepting new things in the male and female students. The mahjong appears in cafes and upscale restaurants in the cafeteria and upscale restaurants in Tokyo, where only a set of mahjong is like a celebrity, painter and official who are like Guangjin and Lang , Sasaki Maosuo. In 1925, “Asahi Shimbun” serial Kikuchi wide novel “second kiss” wrote 4 people playing mahjong scene, the mahjong has penetrated into many people’s lives, to the Showa era is more popular, appear A lot of mahjong lovers.
        November 28 to 30, 2011, more than 200 players participated in the first North American Mahjong Champions League. The association also decided that the league will be held every year in the future. According to reports, the competition champion will not only get $ 2,500 bonus, but also access to the following year for the championship “coronation” privilege.
        Maddie believes that these games will not only provide opportunities for mahjong lovers, but also allow them to make new friends. “I’ve been playing online mahjong,” said Matt Berger, a Texas-based player. “I was so excited about the contest that I was very different from the real players. I looked forward to being able to attend an international mahjong Contest.
        The Netherlands is Europe’s “mahjong bridgehead”, the game originated from here, spread throughout the European countries.
        In 2005, the Dutch mahjong lovers set up the “Dutch Mahjong Association”.
        And then the European mahjong associations have emerged, in the same year, Australia, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands and other seven countries mahjong initiative in Denmark registered the establishment of the European Mahjong Association, and held the first in Europe Mahjong Tournament.
        The staff of the association said that the European Mahjong Association is a non-profit organization with no political and religious elements, and their purpose is to promote mahjong in Europe, so that more Europeans fall in love with the ancient movement from China.
        “As of now, there have been 14 European countries, the Mahjong Association has become a member of the European Mahjong Association.” The staff said, “We have held in Europe, the four European Mahjong Championship, in Germany, Japan and other places have repeatedly Hold a friendly match.
        Plate: the card surface is in Chinese characters, so many foreign friends like mahjong game, must be a little understanding of the Chinese characters to play.

        There is a beginner mahjong foreign friends, wrote a million words table as a reference, so once he looked down at the word table, he knew that he had just touched the plate.

        Winning experience

        One, playing mahjong premise (four do not play)
        1, no passion does not play (aim to win, into the hand)
        2, no spirit does not play (energetic, clear-headed)
        3, no leisure does not play ( care of the overall situation , concentrate)
        4, no morality does not play (prohibition of cheating, fair and reasonable)
        Second, play mahjong winning criteria (a center, two basic points)
        1, a center
        Sudden win, fast win, must win the passion and faith.
        2, two basic points
        1, Xing point to play well
        Mahjong is very, very fine, so to integrate into the hand, feel the player, follow the card, or a card can be labeled as a back point.
        2, back to adjust the good

        Recognition of playing cards of the backstage, the back point, to fight Xing family, system fast home, seeking change living, grasp the rhythm, do everything possible to adjust well.

        Player rating


        Mahjong skills can be divided into upper and lower levels. And this three is based on the following phenomena to distinguish:
        (A) caught six barrels will not swap out the nine tube, for example, seven, eight, nine tube a Shun, caught a six tube is still playing six tubes – these people’s mahjong skills can only manage ready-made cards, And for a fight to the idea can not produce. Of course, listening to three pay and not listen, raw and not familiar with the problems are also included. This is subordinate.
        (B) caught six barrels will play nine tube with the former example, can change nine tube, that has been seen nine tube is large unitary, relatively easy to give people cheap. He has to understand the raw and cooked Zhang, in the whole card in the process, not the eclipse to take. This is intermediate.
        (Three) caught nine tube and playing six tube with the former example, can play, that level higher, because he caught a nine tube, and know nine tube is Sheng Zhang, six barrels of the risk of less, Has been able to lift the unit, nine familiar in the center of Zhang’s death limit, which is obviously a further level of skills. He can not only see through the opening of the difference, but also because of the time, random response, has reached the point of superb. This is superior.
        Some people use another phenomenon to distinguish, that is:
        Subordinate – I do not know one, four, seven and listen to one or four, such as two, three, three, four five, caught a six, I do not know playing three and six.
        Intermediate – listen one, four, seven.
        Superior – willing to listen to one, four, seven, and listen to embedded seven.

        The reason is the same as the previous example. Under the family who also care about their own, intermediate people have to take care of themselves and not yet reached the territory, the superiors Zhang Zhang see the blood, know ourselves, can attack to defend, flexible application.


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