Mahjong tips

Mahjong tips

1.The system will automatically help you to determine whether you can “eat” or “touch card”, such as your hand card has 12344 cable, this time if the home play 1 or 4 cable, the system will remind you If you do not want to “eat” or “play cards”, please press the “Cancel” button to cancel, to avoid other players guess your hand on the card.

2. When you can select “Eat” and “Dice” at the same time, the system will display the “Touch” function key. If you want to “eat”, please press the “Cancel” button to cancel, the system will show “eat” button, then “eat” button.

3. When you touch the card, touch the card will be placed on the right side of your card type. Please pay special attention, when the lower right corner of the screen “time” is 0, the system will automatically hit your right side of the card. If you want to extend your thinking time, use the “extended time” in the bottom right corner of the screen to extend your time.

4. After the end of each office, no one even Zhuang case, each player in a “will”, there is a suspension time, the time is sixty seconds. The “Pause” key will appear on the billing screen of each bureau, and the maximum number of bids for each bureau can only be used.

5. At the end of each bureau, there are “continue” and “pause” functions. When billing, the time on the screen will count down, and you are reminded that when “Time” is 0, the system will automatically preset you to “Continue”. Please use the “Pause” button to extend the time for an extension of sixty seconds.

6. In the game, just press the “ENTER” button on the keyboard will display the dialog box, you can enter the text here, and then press the “ENTER” key to send out. The message will be displayed on the left side of the screen. To remind you that you are in the process of entering the text with the card is not contradictory, do not because of this feature caused by other players wait too long or because the dialogue and forget the game, after the card is thinking seconds Limited number of.

7.  In the function of the conversation, if you want to cancel the text later, you can press the “ESC” key (or “← Backspace” key on the keyboard to clear the text) to clear the text in the input box and press “ENTER” “Key will be canceled.

8. Players can be heard after the “eye card”, the so-called “eye card” is to the other three players declared their “listen” , declared “eye”, you can see the hands of the other three players, until the Board end. If the other three players have “Hu card” or “self-touch”, the “eye card” will not be able to ” Fined one if the “flow” is not punished.

9. In the game, if you start the “eye” function, the dialogue function immediately invalidated until the end of this Council.

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