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Mahjong origin

Mahjong origin

Some people think that in the Spring and Autumn Warring States period, some people think that the Ming Dynasty Wanli years, different opinions, but it is certain that the mahjong is China’s national essence,

undoubtedly. Mahjong formerly known as “sparrow”, the early years of the Republic of China from mainland China, slowly from Guangdong’s thirteen, evolved into Taiwan’s sixteen play

law. Taiwan Mahjong in the rules, layout, the number of calculations, has been unique, and Cantonese sparrow slightly different, therefore, had to mahjong game

Rules uniform, so that everyone can get a consensus before the game, to avoid the game or after the game unnecessary dispute.


Although playing mahjong will make people associate with gambling, what “playfulness”, “bankrupt” bad words, accompanied by students. But face Taiwan

Nowadays nearly four hundred and fifty thousand people, the Chinese people have a long tradition of entertainment, it should be calmly facing the sun so that people can face him.

President Chiang Kai-shek has publicly stated that mahjong is the ablest to show the wisdom of the Chinese people, indeed, mahjong is indeed a kind of unpredictable knowledge,

Compared to the bridge, thirteen, eighteen friends, to be more interesting, but by some unscrupulous people as a tool to enrich money.

Imagine that one hundred and forty-four cards were allocated, and almost none was the same, and the players had to devise strategies to win the final victory,

In general, four people will be finished three (12 laps), the ratio of technology and luck should be thirty-five to sixty-five, but do not look at this small thirty-five,

When the luck is almost the same, it is often the key to victory. But to remember that a small bet can be advised to raise God, big gambling will be bankrupt, mahjong off

Stay in the battle of the city, while ignoring the legitimate career. Is a wise move.


Mahjong is the quintessence of China, the Chinese people always love to rub eight laps or to swim on the table to call, recently more medical research found that the elderly to play mahjong

Can prevent Alzheimer’s disease, cannot be denied that mahjong is a can not own their own entertainment, but you know the origin of mahjong?

Mahjong name should be “wiping”, wiping out the water Margin 108 heroes. According to legend, at the end of the Yuan Dynasty, there was a man named Wan Bingwu, very respected Shi Naian pen

Under the Liangshan heroes, want to get the story of the Water Margin to dignitaries also know the story of the Water Margin, and then love the people who invented mahjong, the Water Margin hero into this

in the game. Mahjong to 108 as the base, respectively metaphor 108 heroes. As the nine of the cards were called “nine dragons”, the two were called “double whip”

Burning, a cake for the “black whirlwind” Li Kui. The reason is divided into million, cake, three categories, is to take their own name of the homophonic. Each class from one to nine each have four

Card, just 108 sheets. 108 is from all sides gathered in Liangshan, so add the East, West, South, North, noon for each of the four cards to 20.

These heroes are rich and poor in all walks of life, so together with the “hair”, “white” metaphor-rich and poor white, with eight cards, a total of 136 cards.

And later with a variety of flower cards, the whole card a total of 144. There is another kind of folk words, playing mahjong with square table is both east and west four directions also refers to

Spring, summer, autumn and winter, three cards per person, because the season has 13 weeks. Four seasons fifty-two weeks, a total of three hundred and sixty-four days, plus when they win that

One, representing the last day of the year a total of three hundred and sixty-five days, just one year. This is another kind of funny. Mahjong originated in the fortune, mahjong origin of the river

Su Taicang, which is the conclusion of the Suzhou essay writer “Guxin” study. Taicang in ancient times is the royal granary, the warehouse hoarding perennial rice, for “South

Grain shipped north “. The granary is set up, Keep the soldiers, soldiers, to catch the fun, the warehouse officials to encourage incentives, issued to the bamboo chip count remuneration. This on the card

Engraved with the word, can be used as a game tool; this brand is rewarding money, there is securities value, so they can be used to win or lose. This game is handed down,

Evolution stereotypes, it became a sparrow card, that is today’s mahjong. Its play, terminology and so on with the capture sparrow.

Such as tube, cable, million. The pattern of the tube is the pictograph of the gun (cross-section). Several barrels show several guns. Cable that is the beam, is a bundle of birds tied up,

So a cable pattern is a bird, two cables on the bamboo, that the birds of the feet, the official acceptance of the bird foot count, soldiers will be set into a bundle of birds.

Million, that is reward money. In addition, the East, West, South, North for the wind, soil guns unable to launch to consider the wind. In the hit, so painted red. White, that is white

Board, playing empty gun that.

Hair, that is rewarded fortune. “Touch”, that is, “bang”, gunfire. Into the card of the “Hu”, in fact, “Uighur”; is a kind of eagle, there are high-strength bird skills,

With the falcon to catch up with the sparrow, so each board wins are called “fog”. In addition, mahjong in the “eat”, “bar” and other terms are almost always with the capture of Ma

The birds are linked.

So, how is the sparrow called “mahjong card”? The original Taicang dialect “bird” is called “Mahjong”, “bird” or “sparrow” system

Called “playing mahjong”, so the sparrow card is also called “mahjong card”.

The earliest record of mahjong in our country is the “mahjong” of the Song Dynasty. Which is almost the same as today’s mahjong? Mahjong developed to clear

In the DPRK, there is no “one bird” (one cable), and the seven words are “public”, “Hou”, “will”, “phase”, “text”, ”

, The court suspected the seven words and anti-Fuming related, so ordered the ban. To Daoguang years, the scholar Chen real door to sit his brother’s boat travel around, the ship’s

Crew boring gambling, Chen Shimen day view, so the idea of improving the gambling, the boat when the wind direction often change, so he will be changed to the east

Southwest wind, when the ship in the currency system is trading, ten tube is equivalent to a cable, ten cable equivalent to ten thousand. Which is the middle of the hole

The coin is a string of coins. So he used these on the mahjong, but a cable and two cables easily confused, one day he saw the ship raised

Birds, the idea of a song will be changed to a “bird”. Mahjong to this has been roughly formed, but the text of the three words to change what? Chen real door for this broken brain

Tendons Once the crew in the chess with the guns to the other side, said, “I have a hundred guns.”

Chen real door to listen to the civil and military will be made in the hair of the hundred made in the white for this, that is our today’s mahjong.

Known as the “national essence” of the mahjong has been popular for a long time, but the source seems to still plague a lot of people. One book in the first issue of 2005

“Mahjong learns micro”, the author in the text feeling today, mahjong is still “concubine body is unknown.” Is it true? And first to sort out so far

Still quite popular with several mahjong origins.


The origin of the mahjong can be divided into “lake”, “Zheng He said”, “too clown”, “Ningbo said” and so on. “Lake said” to send the Qing Dynasty writer Dai Ming Shi and history

Home Qu against the representative, that “mahjong when the horse will be correct, the horse will be derived from the horse hanging.” Horse hanging in the sky for many days to the image of Liangshan heroes, Song Jiang is million

The largest card, the card called “Lake”, this “lake” refers to Liangshan Park. “Zheng He said,” according to some of the mahjong called the north wind, cable, and the East African coast

Some people will play the fact that mahjong, inferred that Zheng He was the invention of the Western Ocean. Said the sailor perennial wandering in the sea, spare time gradually played out of this wind

Extravagant world of the game; and when the card called “and” (sound Hu), just and Sambo adults on the name of the number. A few years ago all the rage of the “too hummer” is

Determine the birthplace of mahjong in Taicang, Jiangsu, on the grounds that the land was a royal granary, for the use of rice, due to suffering from the disaster, then there is a sparrow game, which

There are cable biscuits, etc., first popular in the soldiers, after slowly into the folk, when the card called “foo” (sound Hu). The falcon is a kind of eagle like that sparrow met old

Eagle, of course, finished, so when someone called out the “fool” into the card, the other few can only obediently bowed to capture.

On the new evidence is sufficient, the moment and the people of Takino. Ningbo factions have used the art of stealing. Ningbo has always been good at merchants who believe in the first step, when

Others are still talking about the origin of the mahjong endlessly, shrewd Ningbo people have quietly built a mahjong Museum next to Tianyi Pavilion, and that Ningbo is

The true origin of mahjong.


Today’s society stresses economic benefits, just a “Shangri-La” there are Sichuan and Yunnan provinces and seven counties for the ownership of the big fight,

Almost! So Ningbo sent a move quite some words. China has a lot of addiction and history addiction, but no one can always be the origin of mahjong

It is caused by unfamiliar dialects.


“Water Margin” written in the message of the spread of Liangshan, a little time on the Lun Lun, only Li Kui this no heart, loudly shouting: “Zhao An, Zhao An, Zhao Zhao birds

Ann! “This” bird “in the CCTV” Water Margin “series all read into the” bird “(sound curl) because the book is a Qiantang people.

Area, remember a child when the village has a four, one day, the village people play to charcoal big book “four birds Mao four” in the brigade barn above,

Of the furious, chi like a bald broom with the layman desperately. Four of the four cultural level is not high, but also know that the bird that “@@@@@”, joke chaos

Not allowed.

To Li Kui mouth, but became a real bird, so true, then the “Water Margin” in the many “bird” and the ancient Tan country Shao Hao’s era of the same level of the same,

So unified pronunciation, can not help but become “Wu Shuyan said.” The difference between north and south dialects is evident. But said the Wu dialect in the “bird” sound,

The end of the popular horse tag to the Wu population naturally read as “hemp card”.

“Ma birds” is the North said the sparrow. As for the “horse hanging” and “Ma birds” appear when the first, or whether the same card of the sound, there is no conclusion.

The origin of mahjong said that the fundamental reason for tonight is that many people do not know how the sparrow into “mahjong”.

Record said: “Sparrow is also one of the leaves. To Bo, said ‘fork sparrow’.

Where one hundred thirty-six, said ‘tube’, ‘cable’, ‘million’, said ‘East, South, West, North’, said ‘dragon, was Phoenix, white’, also for ‘ The

Began in Ningbo, Zhejiang, then spread like wildfire, then north and south.


Xu Ke will be the origin of mahjong as Ningbo, now it seems not lightly pen. According to Tianyi Pavilion researchers, mahjong inventor is Ningbo people Chen fish

Door: “the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty, the prevalence of horse hanging, causing a strong social responsibility because it was used for gambling, many people of insight are not regarded as a scourge, first

After the text sincere advice. People also feel the limitations and lack of horse hanging. Touch up and up to 120 cards, hand combination is extremely inconvenient. Card for the paper, easy to wear

Broken: playing cards are mostly sea boatman, fishermen, to solve the sea life boring, but the sea wind, the card can easily be blown away. So the transformation of horse hanging must be



Popular in the north and south of the horse hanging card, in the Xianxian years by Yong on the smell of Mr. Chen Yu door finishing and become still a popular mahjong basic card. Chen

Fish door (1817 – 1878), the name of the key, the number of Yang Lou, little talent, with Yang Jutang learn English. Daoguang twenty-nine years (1849) years to tribute,

Court book, plus three titles. Chen Yu door ‘wide travel, piano wine without a virtual day’, very happy to play with cooked cards. He is deeply aware of the inconvenience of the card, in Tongzhi three

Year (1846) to bamboo bones, inherited touch and the card in the million, cable, tube, a total of 108, easy red flowers for the green hair, white for the whiteboard, the old thousand for the red, the name ‘three arrows’

, Each of the four, a total of 12, by ‘East, South, West, North’ four winds, the four, a total of 16.

Which formed the then popular 136 a pair of mahjong card. Chen Yu door integration, after the transformation of the mahjong, is the succession and development of the previous generation of opera, its play also

From prosperity to Jane, once available, it is popular north and south. History contained, five business, the sea more than gathered in Ningbo Jiangxia, flourishing to Shanghai, the provinces merchants Jia Yun

Set, the flow of Jiang Ha, exercise mahjong day Takako, and through them extended to Tianjin and Shanghai port and spread to the country.

The mahjong card is from the horse tag, the card evolved, and the horse tag is the predecessor of the game, the game is China’s oldest entertainment game. According to historical records, Bo

Yi at least before the anniversary of Yin Zhou. Bo is composed of six chopsticks and a few pieces together. Actually, it is the dice used to play mahjong today, but it is

Made of bamboo. The two sides of the game throwing chopsticks, according to the size of the pieces decided to move forward.

After the Han Wei, the opera pieces and chopsticks separate, to the chess side of the evolution, and finally became today’s Chinese chess. And chopsticks become five wood, that is, five wood

The system of the dice, as an independent gaming equipment to throw points to win the outcome. The dice was originally made of jade, changed to bone, and changed from five wood to two dice

Six-sided point of the cube points from one to six.


Bo drama to the Tang Dynasty, dice to become an independent tooling. Two dice into six, and its combination has become complicated, then called the dicing grid.

Horse tag is played by playing dice when the record of winning or losing the value of the card evolved, the exact time is in the Ming Dynasty apocalypse. Horse tag full card a total of 40, by the

Million, one hundred thousand consistent, cable, money four color composition.


By the four to play, sub-dealer and free home, idle three fight with the dealer, the purpose is to fight its village. To the Ming and Qing dynasties horse tag and differentiation of a called “card”

Game utensils. Card is also for the four to play, just started 60 cards, sub-money, cable, million three colors, three colors are one to nine each have two, another

There are head three colors (that is, mahjong card in the hair, white) the two, four first take ten, followed by licensing, licensing, three sides together for a pair.

Three plus a pair of players for the “and”. Later, people think that the card is too small, they will be two cards to build 120 to play and have to eat, touch, along with the combination. Late Qing Dynasty paper

The card has increased the East, South, West, North four-color wind card and in the hair, white three main cards. Later, people think that takes the card also do not become a card, quite disappointed, so again

Added to listen to, can replace any card. The first to listen to only two, after the increase more Zhang. Because the number of cards more than a very difficult to fight, so change

More osteogenesis, mahjong card also produced the resulting.

Mahjong development

Mahjong, also known as the “sparrow” or “bird”, has been a thousand years of history, is the authentic national essence. Playing mahjong is one of the most popular in our country

Recreational activities. The origin of mahjong can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty. According to legend, the Tang Dynasty Wei Zhou Changle (now Changle County, Henan Province) has a man named Zhang Sui, since childhood smart

People, then monks when the monks, take the name of a line. His party is a famous scientist in China, in astronomy, mathematics and other aspects have made outstanding contributions. A.D.

722 years ago, a line of monks has prepared a set for the entertainment card. “Card” specifications: width 3.5cm, length 15cm, printed on the million, cable, tube map

kind. And later added to the East, South, West, North, in, hair, white seven cards.

Mahjong million, cable, tube itself is the concept of the amount of money in ancient times, that is, coins (shape circle in the middle of a square hole made of copper material), one hundred coins

String into a cable, ten thousand or ten thousand coins, that is, the sum of a hundred cable. As the card is not convenient in the hands, and difficult to straighten out. In the course of entertainment on the look

It is a barrier, so how to overcome its shortcomings become a top priority.

Practical experience to give people to inspire should be hard things to replace the card. So, the pattern of the card is engraved on the bamboo or aggregate, the new hard card

Appeared, from the “card” this title will disappear. With the advance and development of society, branding materials gradually from the original bamboo, aggregate, until

Developed into today’s hard plastic and plexiglass.


Mahjong is a traditional program that China has always been in the casino. In the process, entertainers must “look at the four sides of the eye,”

Mobile tactics. The benefits of playing mahjong many, for elderly autism, for some chronic diseases, to adjust the nervous tension have a mitigation effect. Confucius said:

“Eat all day long, nothing to do, it is difficult to carry it! There are players almost, who is still virtuous” (“The Analects of Confucius. Yang goods”). This means that “game” than satiety all day long,

Do not worry, do not worry all day long. Especially for the elderly, physical and mental decline, the disease increased, can not help but the sun

Sigh, lonely feeling of depression, although the flowers can be fishing, chat to masturbation, always feel what is missing. Melancholy feelings often, which is undoubtedly very harmful to physical and mental health

  1. If dozens of individuals together to play mahjong appropriate, in other words, laughing feelings, why not?So, leisurely play mahjong,

Good for physical and mental health. So the rumors are not bad, and widely circulated in Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan is more prevalent.


It is worth mentioning that, as the traditional Chinese culture mahjong card, in Japan and modern technology together. This is manifested in Japan for all types of mahjong

Prepared for innovation and development. Nowadays, in Japan, the traditional laborious time-consuming artificial reshuffle into a fully automatic electric shuffle, you just gently press the power

Button put a mess of mahjong into the table, another pair of mahjong code neat mahjong card immediately presented in your eyes. In this automatic

Mahjong table next to playing mahjong, really wonderful


Mahjong movement in China’s urban and rural areas is very common, popular areas spread to all sectors of society, various fields, has entered the tens of thousands of households, to become China’s most

Scale and influential puzzle sports. In fact, the family playing mahjong is very common, how to make it from the family dignified to the community, make it into

For a sports competition project, that is healthy to modern public society, it is worth our research and discussion.


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