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Mahjong where to the need to protect the point

Mahjong where to the need to protect the point?


An obvious fact is that mahjong has been very hot on our land, but these days are more fire. Held in Hangzhou, the National Mahjong Masters finals in Chongqing Qianjiang held the third mahjong world championships have just ended and came to the news of the inscription. Look, “millions of bird friends with this situation, mahjong Shen committed my heart”, the voice of the people how strong the strong.

Mahjong is a cultural heritage, is beyond doubt. Mr. Hu Shi research it originated in the Ming Dynasty, by a time called “horse hanging” card evolved. “Why” there is “things north and south” the wind, there are some rough research, “Seoul,” the “mantis” Ya “,” Zhou “what the whole use, and prove that mahjong itself is indeed very cultural. Unfortunately, in the predecessors left the words, the words are probably the harm of mahjong side, the unknown is straight or deliberately discredit. For example, the Qing Dynasty Xuantong years, Wang Zhixin Ren Fengtian patrol office, one day two guests visit Wang, want to play mahjong, “and less one, the so-called three missing one is also.” Wang Zhixin is ordered to call around, his command is very interesting: “called the big bastard. If he has been out, two bastards, three buns can be.” This appellation that “two passengers stunned, ask anyone”, Wang said: This is visible, although Wang Yixin also have an addiction, the people who obsessed with the still scoffed at the nose.

Mahjong to an inscription, it was suggested to remove the gambling ingredients, after the “health mahjong” argument. But no one knows, say it, do not fight with no “color”. Playing the “political card” even more to mention, has long been an official rule of money-making, at least as early as the Empress Dowager Cixi. Gangs to play with the guy, “every card, cut the palace standing behind the posture,” when the inside, made the signal, see the Empress “there are white in the pair, gamblers who go to foot into the” Specifically let her win. The old lady won from ear to ear, “Guiqiu Secretary Road, the lack of”. By the way, the empress of the mahjong with extreme attention, “the card and other ivory, wide one inch, two inches long, carved fine, see those who are suspected of the gods.”

Because mahjong and gambling go hand in hand, for a moment can not be divided for the sake of it, the predecessors of more than Chen Ma Ma harm. Hu Shi and even listed as China’s fourth harm (the other for the opium, eight shares, feet), “calm” of course, as today, Suzhou “Hanshan Temple” according to the wall of the three characters of the writer Tao Junxuan, In the door to hesitate to ashamed of women and children, vowed to the absolute old Yang Lu “, lost dejected, and then shoot the chest, and then do not play; the same time, And once recovered, not his, “Ming see the eyebrow color dance, wolves into the wolf Viola for the Scorpion. Broken gold sucking blood, dead fish over the river and so on.” Tao Junxuan lament, this kind of “side will take Ru child, Fu only destroyed Ru room” and “ominous things”, our country is “upstart big dream really bamboo drunk, daytime dusk for the translocation”, and “Jun no one million people Learning gymnastics, physical strength Wuqin play. ” This insight is also enlightening, but the mahjong has been transformed into a sport that is “strong” way of a kind, it is Tao Junxuan never expected.

University scholar Liang Qichao is also very fun mahjong, but he said that he only when playing mahjong will forget to study, only when reading will forget to play mahjong. Playing mahjong grasp this degree, positive significance may be demonstrated. The mafia world championships, Tsinghua University, Peking University College won the group championship, although that several college students has graduated, “college wing” is not true, but still can be said to practice the purpose of Liang Rengong. Of course, what kind of reading the fineness of how, but also to the media behind the story of mining the championship. Because our active top athletes also have a lot of famous university graduate, name only.

On the mahjong inscription, opponents think that our ranks of the inscription have been too long, mahjong does not make up this lively. But in my opinion, or should first recognize the purpose of the inscription, at least at the moment, there are a protective means. Mahjong in the Divine land to carry out in full swing, in the ascendant, where to the need to protect the point?

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