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Mahjong machine remote control

Mahjong machine remote control

The remote controller is mainly formed of remote control signals by the micro- processor chips, crystal oscillator, amplifying transistor, an infrared light emitting diode and a keyboard matrix composition. The remote control receiver decodes the received electromagnetic wave data according to a pre-defined coding specification.

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Mahjong machine remote control
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  1.  basic introduction
  2.  invention
  3.  operating procedures
  4.  Precautions
  5.  maintenance method

    basic introduction

    Remote control of its core components is the encoding chip, the need to achieve the operation of the instructions such as licensing, procedures and other pre-coding, the device after receiving the control and then control the implementation of the corresponding action. Obviously, the receiving circuit and the CPU are also designed with the remote control code. The code is output by a carrier, that is, all the pulse signals are modulated on the carrier, the carrier frequency is usually 38K. Carrier is the electrical signal to drive the infrared light emitting diode, the electrical signal into an optical signal emitted, which is infrared light, the wavelength range between the search nm to 9860nm.

    At the receiving end, in turn, required by the photodiode infrared light signal into an electrical signal, amplification, shaping, demodulation step, and finally reduced to the original

    To the pulse encoded signal to complete the transmission of remote control instructions, which is a very complex process.

    Infrared emission tube is usually at the angle of 30-45 degrees, the angle of the distance is short, and vice versa.

    Remote control of the infrared signal coding composition of different automatic mahjong machine microprocessor set a unified coding standard, coding generally by the guide code, user code, data code, repeat code and the end code.


    The Automatic mahjong machine remote control by the earliest invented by China, production! Is derived from a single mouth

    The mahjong machine installation process, and developed a must be in the mahjong machine above the hands and feet of the remote control, in 2009 began to sweep the casino! Is to sell to all parts of the country.


    Self-operating steps:
    One: sitting in the mahjong machine position, press the A key (so the mahjong machine will start their own procedures to collect mahjong machine issued by the electromagnetic wave to identify the mahjong machine brand model, and then interfere with the mahjong machine inside the program, the whole The process as long as the press, the other by the intelligent program to complete the acquisition of electromagnetic waves required for the basic three seconds!

    Two: determine the position, hold down the B key for three seconds, the instrument will automatically identify your location

    Three: Operation C key to determining the program selection (press the set button to select)
    Four: the game starts (when playing can also remote control program)
    Five: the end of the game, press the D key directly! (Smart chip will automatically shut down reception)


    (1) do not remember to turn off the interference when used
    (2) to maintain adequate power
    (3) Please do not operate (under the guidance of professionals to avoid damage to remote control)

    (4) equipment must not water. The water intake instrument will be damaged
    (6) do not often use,
    (Oscillator. The oscilloscope can be used to measure the 450 ~ 500KHz oscillation waveform. If the chip oscillation is damaged, the microprocessor will not work.
    D) Drive amplifier circuit and infrared LED failure When the LED or drive amplifier circuit failure, the command pulse signal can not be fired. Generally, the tube is broken or the LED is damaged. You can measure it with a multimeter.

    Maintenance method

    First, the power switch is turned on, the switch indicator light does not shine, the machine does not have any reaction.

    1, AC 220V power supply is not powered;
    2, the power plug is not plugged in, the power outlet loose;
    3, the power line or power part of the connection line open;
    4, power fuse is blown or poor contact;
    5, the power switch is damaged;
    Second, the operation of the management card indicator light, press the lift button operation disk does not move, no rise action:

    1, the operation panel plug loose, plug line break or bad contact;
    2, check the operation panel and the main control board is normal;
    3, check the lift assembly motor and HL switch.
    Third, the machine press the lift button operation panel does not move, no lifting action: the machine when the operation panel on the operation of the brand lights in the extinguished state, this time to make the operation panel to rise, you must also press the two lift button The

    Fourth, the machine work process, while pressing the two lift button to fill the card, the market is still rotating phenomenon: when the machine with the normal state of the card: at the same time press the two lift button, lift components rise, Delivery components, electromechanical components should stop working, fill the card is completed, just press a lift button, lift components that fall, magnetic components, transmission components, mechanical and electrical components began to work. There are cards when the magnetic components, transmission components, mechanical and electrical components are non-stop, indicating that the main core board has been damaged,

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