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Mahjong Lianliankan

Mahjong Lianliankan

“Mahjong Lianliankan” is mainly in a three-dimensional sense of the mahjong box with colorful multi-colored exquisite text and small patterns for the material, through the Flash software and Flash programming language Flash ActionScript produced SWF format game, easy to operate, Green, no need to install, file size is small, just can open the web 15 to 30 seconds to play, you can also download the game file to the local and then install a flash player to open the play.

Game introduction

Mahjong Lianliankang Random Mahjong Pro is a mahjong theme Lianliankan game, using an overlapping three-dimensional graphical interface, the interface is very gorgeous, and play is relatively simple, requiring the same time in the same time to connect two identical mahjong Eliminate, but connect the route but can not have obstacles to block!
The game has three difficulties, a total of 50 points, like mahjong and Lianliankan friends, play, very good! Mahjong Lianliankan play this game is relatively simple, and the traditional Lianliankan similar, but the interface and stacking way is not the same, just click on the same two patterns can be eliminated, this play is actually very early When there is mahjong when there is already, and basically Lianliankan is also based on the game of the game are played, and now this will continue to move again and again to the mahjong, it is more interesting, and the game screen is indeed very Gorgeous, and that the effect is also quite good to eliminate. This is a worth playing a casual game.

Game skill

1, familiar with the game set the rules of the game rules that players can be two identical patterns of pairs of links, the connection line no more than three straight lines, you can successfully eliminate the pair. “Every pair of boxes to be eliminated must have a right angle as a transition – in addition, to directly facing, when the line through the things that block, they can not go on, so remember, as far as possible from the inside to spread around, This can be a lot less obstacles.
2, act decisively, the correct use of props, with self-confidence.
People’s eyesight is blind, you can draw a piece of paper, and then slowly moving to the left, to a certain position after the discovery of small points are missing – but it is within the scope of the Lianliankan also, left upper right, right upper left, a few parallel angle sometimes can not see some can eliminate the box, so when the eyesight should also focus on the more turn. For example, in the process of eliminating a lot seem to be able to eliminate, but in fact, there are many difficulties when the turn, then please do not test their own eyesight, must act decisively, immediately use a compass or reset. Do not take a lot of time because you think too much, even if you can find it.


One, “mahjong Lianliankan” has a Lianliankan game of multi-style map, combo pleasure and other characteristics, that is, a unique mahjong box of three-dimensional and three

Multi – colorful exquisite text, pattern. Background music is also a unique style, brewing a campaign atmosphere, people play more spirit, more play more excited.

Second, the “mahjong” in human daily life is one of the most common entertainment products, there are many authoritative experts and the media clear: “moderate play” mahjong “is very effective to improve thinking and help divergent thinking, especially in The elderly good control of the elderly dementia card. “Mahjong Lianliankan” can also play the same role, in the absence of three, or do not like the excitement of the mahjong a soft spot for a friend naturally become “mahjong Lianliankan” nail players. With this huge group of support and sought after, “mahjong Lianliankan” quickly developed into ” Lianliankan game ” in a popular small category.


“Mahjong Lianliankan” rules of the game and Lianliankan the same. However Lianliankan game evolved over the years and followed the rules of the game innovation to diversify, but still retains its simple and approachable, men and women are suitable for playing characteristics. Game rules (1): Use the mouse to the same two three-dimensional sense of strong mahjong box picture to connect, and the path can not be more than 2 times to eliminate the conditions;
Game rules (2): Use the mouse to the same three or more of the mahjong box picture to collide or regular arrangement to eliminate the conditions;
Game rules (3): Use the mouse to click directly on the discharge of three or more pieces of the same mahjong box to achieve the elimination of the picture.

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Andrews game

Basic Information

Mahjong Lianliankan V1.1.1
Size: 4923KB
Time: 2012-01-31
Category: Puzzle chess
language: English
System: Android 1.6+

Installation Guide

Please download the software from the “download address” app file, and then use the PC side tools to install the app file has been downloaded, or app file directly into the phone memory card, use the file manager to install.

Support resolution

QVGA (320 × 240), WQVGA (400 × 240), HVGA (480 × 320), 640 × 360, VGA (640 × 480), WVGA (800 × 480), FWVGA (480 × 854), qHD (960 × 540), DVGA (960 × 640), 480 × 1024, WSVGA (1024 × 600), WXGA (1280 × 800), XGA (768 × 1280), 1280 × 720


Basic Information

Game name: mahjong Lianliankan
Game Type: Puzzle Games
Game size: 1076K

game introduction

New mahjong Lianliankan, no longer just to find two identical mahjong will be able to make it disappear, the revision adds a certain degree of difficulty.

Operation guide

How to get started
After the game is loaded, click PLAY GAME → PLAY to start the game.
Method of operation
Mouse click to select Mahjong. Note: picking two identical tattoos and getting them together can be eliminated.
Game goals
Eliminate all mahjong’s on the screen within a limited time.

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