Mahjong flow


Dora also understand, Ripai (Ripai) finished,

After arranging the tiles, let’s learn a rough flow next.

Basically, Haipai (Haipai) at the time of the parent is 14 sheets, the child will have to hand the thirteen tiles.

First of all, since the parent has a tile for one more, I will start from where I throw it away.

The order of taking the tiles is counterclockwise, so people of Nanja (Nancha)

Take the tile from the mountain and discard the unnecessary tiles in the battlefield.

In turn, we will continue with Parent · Toiga (Toncha) ⇒ South House (Nancha) ⇒ Western House (Shasha) ⇒ North House (Petty) ⇒ Parent · East House (Toncha) · · · · · ·.

※ Before the previous person threw away the tiles, it is a violation to pull the tile!

As shown in the figure below, how to discard the tiles will be put down for every six sheets.

With reference to this, if the conditions are met

If you declare Pon , Qi, Kang, Ron , Tsumo etc., the foundation will be OK.

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