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Mahjong Eastern civilization

Mahjong: Eastern civilization to conquer the vanguard of the West

In fact, in terms of athletic level, Western mahjong has reached a very high standard. “World Mahjong Organization” was established in 2005, is the authority of the international mahjong movement, economist Yu Guangyuan to 90 years old as the chairman of the organization, and inscribed: “Mahjong from China, belongs to the world.” ”

Japan’s “Mahjong culture”

In Japan, the popularity of mahjong even more than Go and the traditional Japanese chess. Japan has about 20 million people often play mahjong, around the mahjong club has about 10,000. There is an American student studying the mahjong culture specifically to go to Japan. When asked why he wanted to study China in Japan, he said: “Japan has the world’s largest mahjong museum, a collection of national mahjong cultural relics and information “It seems that Japan ‘s emphasis on mahjong culture has surpassed its origins in China.

According to the Japanese scholar research, the Chinese mahjong in 1909 by the Japanese teacher named Chuanyan from China to Japan, has been 100 years of history. This is known as the “sparrow” of the game began because of the complexity of the rules, but also celebrity you pastime game. In 1926, someone specially prepared a suitable for the public to master the skills of teaching materials, “Mahjong through”, its popularity to the ordinary Japanese people.

Calls for the establishment of the mahjong museum’s Okuma is one of the super-horses. In 1943, Japan, in order to continue to launch a war of aggression in the country, advocated “sacrifice for the country”, was studying at the University of Tokyo Okuma Hiroo was recruited into the army. Think of the dead on the battlefield, Okuma simply decided to first addiction, so he and a few friends hiding in the dormitory to play a whole day mahjong. At that time, such fanatical mahjong fans also include the prince, in the mahjong museum, a collection of a photo. Photo of a young Chinese girl with a skillful to the mahjong of the Japanese young people was the time to visit the United States the current Japanese emperor, then the Prince of the Ming. After the war, mahjong gradually became Japan’s most popular public entertainment. The streets are full of “bird will”, “to fight”, “automatic mahjong machine” advertising signs.

In the late 1970s, Japan entered the period of economic prosperity, but also the achievements of the first mahjong flourishing. And the Chinese men and women with the whole family to play mahjong, the Jews are mainly women playing mahjong different, “rubbing Ma” most of the Japanese white-collar men, after getting off work, they will be a group of 35 to find a place to play a pass. And the Chinese people love to play at home different, the Japanese will go to a special mahjong hall, that is, the village. Until today, Tokyo’s mahjong hall is almost everywhere, of which the most concentrated is the Tokyo station eight-continent, that concentrated large and small birds have hundreds of their names are also very interesting, such as: red, ZTE, one Boat, blue leaves and so on.

In Japan, many politicians are mahjong lovers. Former Prime Minister Naoto Kan has declared a lot of patents, of which the most he talked about is the “mahjong number of calculators,” said the inspiration from college with masters to play mahjong experience. The media broke the news, the prime minister likes to play mahjong online. It is said that the Prime Minister wife had found her husband work late into the night, worried that he was tired of the body, the results of a push, but found that he is online and mahjong people, have fun.

In 1999, for the love of mahjong, the Japanese publisher, Noguchi Kiyoshi, established the world’s first mahjong museum in Chiba Prefecture, Japan, where about 3,000 exhibits were collected from all over the world. The Emperor “Pu Yi used the palace mahjong” colorful snail card “, the Chinese opera master Mei Lanfang used” tour dragon play Phoenix “brand and other Chinese treasures, but also the collection of all kinds of mahjong around the world. Such as China’s first pair of mahjong cards spread to the United States, French-made bamboo panels, and Canadian stone cards. There was also a mahjong made by hand made of aluminum, which was born in 1954 in Vietnam and the producer was a French soldier. After the victory of the Vietnam War, the French soldier became a prisoner. Lonely helpless custody of life, he remembered with his family playing mahjong happy scenes, so with the shelter in the aluminum and wood made a mahjong. This pair of mahjong on all the cards are readily available, but the southeast northwest is the English alphabet “E, S, W, N” to replace, and “hair” written to make the French soldiers made a difficult, so He took a pattern similar to a plum blossom.

European mahjong addiction

Mahjong in Europe also has a long history, its competitive mahjong can be said to be developing rapidly. According to media reports, when the 2003 European giants Real Madrid came to China, in its villa chess room, in accordance with the requirements of Real Madrid, there is a special provision for the mahjong hall.

In the 1920s, mahjong was transferred from Europe to Europe, and some royal nobles were hooked on the sport. The British and even derived from the new vocabulary, they play mahjong after that is “I hued (I and)”, can be described as Chinese and Western.

The Netherlands, as the most rapid development of European mahjong, established the “Dutch Mahjong Group” in the 1920s, but soon disbanded. By the early 1990s, a club called “The First Dutch Mahjong Society” was based on the rules of Babcock’s passage to the West and set a series of rules for early competitions. In 2004, a national mahjong organization was established, known as the Dutch Mahjong Union. At that time the Netherlands has dozens of mahjong clubs, the organization has a set of 120 members, the annual publication of four mahjong magazines.

The European Mahjong Association has also spared no effort to promote the spread of mahjong in Europe. In 2005 and 2010, the Dutch government issued stamps on mahjong themes. When the film “Lust, Caution” in Europe, because the film has a lot of playing mahjong lens, the European Association also issued a lot of Mahjong propaganda manual. In 2005, the first European Mahjong Championship was held in the eastern Dutch city of Nijmegen. More than 10 countries and regions participated in the competition, including former Dutch Prime Minister Van Argert, and the Netherlands two Olympic Games swimming medal winner Elli Carter Stella attended.

On the official website of the Danish Mahjong Association, there is such a person who persuades people not to indulge in the mahjong. If the following happens, you are enchanting. When you see 3 and 4, you shout and hammer; you see a chicken (one) like a bird in the fly; you start to believe that a good mahjong card is a rich sense of humor (like a living dragon); try to sleep When you hear the sparrow’s call; you have to win every pair of good cards are listed in the personal resume; hear someone say that the beginning of the sound of anything, you will heart rate; you were called up at midnight Playing mahjong, or you send text messages in the middle of the night to call a lot of friends, invite them to your home to play mahjong; 6 o’clock in the morning when you are still playing mahjong, and has lost thousands of points; you said to others: “So and so, you play mahjong time is far worse!”

Look at those who mahjong interest no less than China’s foreigners, you are to ensure that if the mahjong into the Olympic Games, China can sweep medals?

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