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mahjong and bridge

mahjong and bridge

The Chinese people’s play is “playing mahjong”, Westerners play cards. I will play these two cards because they do not often play, so not fine But I still think playing mahjong is much more interesting than playing bridge. One hundred forty-four cards, changing. And all the rules, you can play a lot of tricks. But I can only play one of the most common and most formal cards.

But playing mahjong is “you die my life” game, how to deduct a card so that the other party can not paste, they have to spend a lot of thought. The bridge is focused on and cooperation with each other, four people into two pairs, only cooperation to overcome each other. As the mahjong has a hundred and forty-four cards, only fifty-two more than the bridge, the change is more complex, and thus play more changes. Change more and more fun, this is the mahjong card than the bridge play more attractive place.

Playing mahjong and playing bridge are cards, all need to play with four people. But if you play with your boss or need to please friends, there may be a “loose chapter” move. In the past, there were often legends that certain cadres, in order to please their supervisors, knew which cards the boss wanted to play in the cards.

The cards are multiplied by a series of permutations and substitutions. But the bridge in the strategy to win or need cooperation. Because the four men are divided into two groups, the “bridge” is to take the bridge to work with each other to win. Mahjong is divided into two groups, but their own fight. In short, the bridge game cooperation strategy occupies an important component, mahjong game is to take good luck, but also depends on the choice of some playing cards skills. Mahjong card because of one hundred and forty-four as much, so varied, increase the taste of the card play.

I have said that the Westerners invented the bridge because the bridge is two pairs of people’s chess, so pay attention to cooperation. Oriental people invented playing mahjong, is between the four people “you die” struggle, it is alone, the performance of the spirit of independent Oriental operations. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, can not be generalized. Some people say that playing mahjong can see a person’s character, some people are more impetuous, can not get a good card will be angry. In fact, any person in the gambling will reflect his character. But the character calm, quietly, the chance to win will be larger.

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