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Hubei Mahjong Collection chapter: homeopathy and

Hubei Mahjong Collection chapter: homeopathy and

People love the mahjong, can not do without the crazy contained in which the luck, the expectations of the unknown and make the process of pleasure. Not only that, through the mahjong this game, but also experience the world of many truth, for some people the same fun.

I understand the mahjong, mainly four words: homeopathy and. Such a simple vocabulary, but explained the simple truth of the world. Life, work with the same mahjong, must pay attention to homeopathy, can not be deliberate.

Homeopathic and different from drift, can not always “follow the feeling of walking”, and sometimes must “contrarian”. For example, when we play cards, some people love to say “this card is only playing this”, or “can only do so, can not be called Well,” these words seem very reasonable, in fact, caught too passive misunderstanding. The big man can flexion and extension, the reason everyone knows Similarly, the mahjong also has a lot of play, when the front of a major danger, can only temporarily avoid its edge, can not take their own chest to plug the enemy’s gun eye, it is the Communist Party talent.

In ancient times, there were “idiom” idioms, and mahjong people could best understand the meaning of the word. Originally played a good hand, I thought this must be self-touch, and the result of losing money. Or the original was a good call, touched a banquet when reluctant to play, so change the call, the results of the self-touch flying, such examples too numerous to mention. Taoist Lao Tzu’s “blessing against each other” is the best explanation.

People’s life, but also must go through a variety of “change”. Graduated college students, because of the lack of social experience, always think that there is a better job waiting for their own, and thus frequent replacement of the work, the results found that the world is generally black crow, in the end, nothing. Playing mahjong is also true, a lot of time to stick to a call will usher in the moment to see the clouds.

In addition, the mahjong also pays attention to the balance of Yin and yang, enough is enough. For example, to do the big drawback is slow, usually hit the latter half of the disk to call, do not do big, then you can quickly call, but always some regret. Moreover, we usually think that it is best not to do the bar, do not do all the bar, but some people, both want to eat money and want to be all-nothing, and sometimes it becomes greedy. Fish and bear’s paw, can not have both, so to be enough. The pursuit of balance is not easy, Confucius said, arbitrary and not overdue, to achieve this state needs years of experience.

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