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Happy mahjong

Happy mahjong all play a good way to do the same color card attention to the details of inventory!

Saying yesterday Xiaobian with the players introduced the “happy mahjong” to do some color cards of some skills, but because the hand is ever-changing, so the small partners in the play when you need a timely choice Oh Xiaobian today to bring you to do a color card need to pay attention to some of the points, so that the combination of skills and points in order to maximize the make a color card, laugh proud field!

(A) do not let others early into Zhang. If you know that the next house to eat three barrels, although you have been ready to dismantle the two tube of the ride, but may wish to play a tube, and even before listening to Zhang did not play three barrels, because you delay the play, will make his The card changes, maybe he removed the three pairs of pairs or three barrels of the ride, but in any case, you hold the three barrels, and finally against him.

(B) can not stay long people may want to and Zhang. You know that if you leave this one, will be people listen to the card, it is necessary to play in time, otherwise, now keep not playing, wait until listening to Zhang played, just to people and out.

Do not let people first eat into or on Zhang, mostly for the next home; afraid of people so the card and out, it is for the three. Therefore, when doing the same color, they have to further analyze the hands of others in the hands of the card, to double carefully read the full card situation. If there is no to come, you have to give up the idea of doing the same color.

(C) do not listen to the first card to play Yan. In the critical stage of entering the Hu card, if you have not heard Zhang, you should first hit the million (assuming that do all the same color), after playing cylinder, cable. Of course, the play of this million is Yan Zhang, not much use (the so-called no use is not directly useful, or have direct use but the opportunity to Zhang). So that the intention of playing, of course, is to cover people eyes and ears, so that people can not touch your card how exactly.

More importantly, at this critical moment, you have to eat less touch less touch For example, to do million sub-color, you have two places to eat, there are seven million in the hands of the home to lay a card, you can eat and listen, then should be willing to eat and catch, to hold ” Call me and do not want to eat the third ride “attitude, because after three eat, will inevitably lead to the other three vigilance, in this case, of course, no one is willing to call you and you out.

(Four) bloody play against the need to pay attention. “Happy mahjong” bloody play, the general players on a color card touched after three, the other players will be alert to your card, after all, two cards can listen to the case, you hit three, Equivalent to the hands of a nine-color card, with the hands of the card, how can easily make a color, and this time you can hit two cards, and then appropriate to play some useless side of the card Brand, reduce the player’s vigilance.


“Happy mahjong” public play inside the same color card is divided into: all-in-one with the same color, compared to the same, mixed color can be based on the following skills in the card.

If you have heard, do not move again. For example, you have twenty thousand one, four, five, six, seven, nine million one, listen to embedded eight thousand, home to play a thirty thousand, you can eat three thousand or sixty thousand, , Eighty thousand, after you have two eat, whether it is all-in-one or mixed, willing to sacrifice less to listen to one, and not eat.

If you catch a thirty thousand, you can change for 90,000 out. The reason is: first, eat thirty thousand, playing 90,000, not only clearly tell people you are a color card, and told to listen to eighty thousand Zhang. Because you finally hit a card is 90,000 (this kind of large unit card should have to fight, stay without playing must be good intentions), playing 90,000 listen to Zhang, but eight thousand, sixty thousand, seventy thousand and other Zhang, And eighty thousand for the most likely, people must kill 80,000 and not hit. Second, to expose their cards to people, not only in the loss, but also to people to benefit.


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