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Free Online Mahjong Games

Mahjong is a very well known indoor game especially in the China it is quite famous. This game is also famous with the name of “Majiang”, “Mah jong” and so many other names. Mostly fans of this game trying to find out it with the other name which is “free Mahjong”. This game was originally invented a long time ago in China during the period of King Dynasty. Mostly this game is for 4 players but in some places like Japan and South Korea, it is with some variations for 3 players. Which has exactly same popularity as 4 player’s game.

Mahjong has few followers on the Western side of the global map but in south-eastern and eastern Asia, it is reaching its top popularity, because it is widely played the game. Mahjong is a game of calculation, strategy, skills, thoughtful mind, attentiveness, alertness and sometimes required luck. Card game Rummy, required all of these things are as well, whereas it is also a well famous game.                                                                                                     

How to Play Free Mahjong

Free Mahjong game could be played with 144 tiles and these tiles do have Chinese symbols and special Chinese characters on them. At the same time, some variations do exist regionally on the number of tiles, symbols and on characters. It was happened in the past, that some regions remove or may change tiles and somewhere else add unique and additional tiles.

Mostly each player starts the game with having 13 or 14 tiles and when the player gets their turn they have to discard and draw tiles unless they can complete legal hand by using 13 or in some cases 14 drawn tile to form 4 group and a pair. There are quite simple and standard rules to draw a piece, to rob another piece from other players, to use honors (dragons and winds) and samples (tiles with numbers), melds which are allowed, how to handle with the tiles of play and order.

Anyhow, there are different regional variations in the basic rules plus different ranking system or mechanism, the basic principle for winning legal hands also rules on the private table which describes some variations as notably various styles of free Mahjong.

In the Chinese language, this game was actually famous with the name of “Pinyin”, whereas meanings of pinyin are “Sparrow”. And still, this is commonly known in most of the part of Japan and in some areas of China just like Min Nan and Cantonese. Anyhow, now name májiàng is a more popular name in Mandarin-speaking Chinese. Mahjong is also pronounced as “mo tsiaŋ” in Northern Wu Chinese (especially in Shanghainese).

History of Free Mahjong

Game Mahjong  Base on discard and draw card games that were quite popular is 19th also in the 18th century in China and some of them are still popular even today. On that time players were playing with a uncover deck and these are called suited cards of money. These decks could divide into the 3 suits of Coins or Cash, Myriads, and Cash against Strings. Each suit must have 9 ranks. Also, there must 3 wild cards and these are a White flower, Red Flower and old thousand. There could be multiple copies of each card depending on the game.

Free online mahjong games

David Parlett who is so far known as the scholar of Mahjong game did write that card game in the west like Rummy and Conquian shares a common origin with Mahjong. Drawing and discarding involved in playing the game to make melds. An Early example of such game is Khanhoo.

It is not sure that when game shifted towards tiles from cards but it looks like that it has happened somewhere in the mid of 19th century. In the earlier tiles which were used in this game contains date around 1870. Also, these sets are quite different from modern sets in many ways. Glover sets do not have flower and green dragon tiles. These tiles are replaced by other symbols and in similar fashion 4 kinds of winds which are most likely taken as bonus tiles. Himly set does not contain zhōng (“red dragon”) tiles either. Cash flower, String Flower, and Myriad Flower plus an addition tile, all of these are known as wild cards. Jokers of that time are still available in Thai sets and Vietnamese. But, these were removed just because of the similarity.  

Free Mahjong in Western

William Henry Wilkinson who was a British sinologist did write a paper in 1895 in which he has mentioned that a set of cards which is known as “ma chioh” in the central China, actually hemp sparrow, was the origin of term Mahjong which he maintained. Whereas he did not mention that what was the source of this information as well as which specific area did use this term.



Mahjong in the 1920s

In early 1920s game comes into the United States. In United Stated Fitch and Abercrombie start selling Mahjong sets for the first time in 1920. Selling sets of free Mahjong in Washington.D.C become a huge success, so Ezra Fitch who was the co-owner of that organization, sent a delegation to that village of China to buy each and every set of Mahjong which every is available. After that Fitch and their co-partner, Abercrombie sold more than 14,000 Mahjong sets.

The earliest version of the book on Free Mahjong published in united states of America was by Joseph Park Babcock published a book in the 1920s, which was on the rules of Mahjong called “Rules of Mah-Jongg”, at the same time Joseph Park assigned it to name “Red Book“. He starts learning Mahjong rules on that time when he was living in China, after that, he had tried to make game rules simpler to make the game easier so that game can get popularity in the USA.


Game of Thousand Intelligence

“Game of Thousand Intelligence” was another name of the game as Mahjong has many names with trademarks such as “Pung Chow”. During the Mahjong fad, several hit songs were recorded also Mahjong nights in the United States of America often involved decoration of houses in the Chinese style.Mahjong has been developed in many different variants in different periods of time. In the decade 1930s, many revision with the improvement of the rules of Mahjong has been developed, and most of them were much more different from Babcock’s classical version. Including some of that were taken as the basis of other variants, such as the nation of the standard hand.   

Chengdu Mahjong

Chengdu mahjong used Sichuan and Chongqing popular mahjong play, especially in Chengdu and the surrounding more popular play. The core is to fight the door, wind, and rain, Chengdu Ji Fan, flow check health (check the pig).

Mahjong card type

In accordance with the popular play in Sichuan, especially in Chengdu and the surrounding areas more popular play: in the mahjong card to remove the “hair, white,” the plate, remove the “East, South, West, North” , Only the tube, the article, million, three-color card a total of 108 sheets. Mahjong play in accordance with the current popular thirteen play.

Start instructions

Throw a dice, according to the size of the number of points to determine the dealer, large Zhuang; and then by the dealer throw a dice, to determine the number of pound pier, and Wuhan Mahjong the same, each bureau for the first Board of the first Hu card players, Such as a game player has a double or a shot of a gun three ring, the shooting players for the bank dealer.

Mahjong rules

Chengdu mahjong regulations, when making the game, the game player must be from the tube, bar, million of the three-color card in any of the lack of a brand to Hu card.
1. Standard play: conventional play the lack of play, do not attach any special rules.
2. Standard rain: on the basis of the standard play, add the rain function, that is, the bar. The rain is divided into bright bars and dark bars. Ming players: ① players have three cards in the hands of the same, the other players played the fourth of the same card, the player can choose the bar, this is called straight bar, only received a chip ; ② players have touched three hands The same card, when the player himself touched the fourth of the same card, then, players can also choose the bar, this is called around the bar, this bar can receive three chips. Dark Bar: The player has four cards that can be taken out for rain. This bar can hold three chips.
3. Standard bloody battle: in the standard play on the basis of the bloody function. Bloody battle: the first Hu card does not stop after the rest of the few continue to play cards until the last one did not Hu card players or touch the last card.
4. Bloody rain: in the standard play on the basis of the same time with the rain and bloody function. In the settlement when it is necessary to settle the rains of the chips, but also clearing the bloody chips.

The rules of the card

1, the water is not Hu: players in the hands of the card has been called, the next home played the player’s bid, the player did not choose Hu card, and the home also played the same bid, or the same line of the bid, Players at this time can not choose Hu card, including the home again hit the same bid, the player can not Hu card, until the player once again touch the card, you can choose Hu card. Unless the player in the first time after the first bid, the second time the card appears, the player’s license number has changed (Note: the number of changes refers to the increase in the number of Caixing), the player can choose Hu brand.
2, after 4 cards will be Hu: When the hand of the card brand left the last four, if the player’s hand has been called, and the bid is exactly one of the four of the one, when this When a card appears, the player must call the card. And can not skip the Hu card to enter the back of the investigation process. Players have no right to choose.
3, grab the bar: when a player in the touch after the card, and again the bar of this touching card, and this bar is just another player Hu card of the bid, the other players can choose Hu this bar. To Hu card as a priority. This is also called grab bars.
4, when a Hu card, the remaining three bars, Hu card score and the first has nothing to do, and so on.
5, check: when the desk mahjong touch, there are still two or more players do not Hu card, then began to check the card. No call the players were already called and not Hu card players to compensate, the compensation standard has been called with the same size of the player card, when the player has called a number of cards, the player is not called in accordance with its minimum Bid criteria to compensate (also agreed by the maximum bid to compensate, known to check large). (Note: if the player in the hand in the rain, when the game after the end of the investigation found that the card is not called, then the player’s rain automatically canceled).

Scoring rules

1. The basic Hu and the number of copies (0 Fan at the end of the gold: × 1) players of the hand for any two cards, and has been called Hu card, the number of Hu card for a fan called the basic Hu. Brand type, such as: 23,465,677,345,898 tube.
2. With the root of each player, there are four cards are the same, so the card is called the root. Brand type such as one two three three three thousand five five six six seven nine nine.
3. In addition to a pair of cards, the remaining cards are three pairs, a total of four pairs, such a card type Hu card is called the child Hu The Brand type, such as: one three three three three hundred forty-six six six seven seven tubes.
4. All the cards are all a suit, so the card is called all. Brand type, such as: one two two three three four five six seven nine nine thousand nine thousand.
5. Qing Dynasty (3 Fan at the end of gold: × 8) players on the hands of the card are all right on the Hu, this card is called clear on the right. Brand type such as: 2224 44557779 million.
6. Will be on (3 Fan Jin: × 8) players on the hands of the card is with two, five, eight of the pair of Hu, such a card type will be right. Brand type such as: 22255888805858 barrels.
7. Seven pairs (2 yuan at the end of gold: × 4) players Hu card hand all two pairs of one, did not touch the card and bar over the card. This kind of card is called seven pairs (or dark seven pairs ). Brand type such as: one three three thousand four six six five five seven seven nine nine tubes.
8. Clean seven pairs (4 Fan at the end of the gold: × 16) players on the hands of the cards are all seven pairs, this card type called clear seven pairs. Brand type such as: one three three four four six six seven eighty-nine thousand nine thousand.
9. Dragon seven pairs (4 Fan at the end of the gold: × 16) players in the hands of the card for the dark seven pairs of cards, did not touch the card when the card, and there are four cards are exactly the same, this card is called the dragon seven pairs. Brand type, such as: one thousand two hundred twenty-four thousand four hundred fifty-seven seven eight eight tube
10. Qinglong seven pairs (5 Fan at the end of the gold: × 32) players on the hands of the card are all the seven pairs of a dragon, this card is called Qinglong seven pairs. Brand type, such as: one two two four four four four five seven seven nine nine thousand nine hundred
11. Unitary Nine (2): In the hands of the player, all the cards made up of one or nine cards are called the unit. Brand type such as: one one one two two two three hundred thirty-seven thousand eight hundred nine nine nine tubes.
12. Clear unitary nine (4 Fan at the end of the gold: × 16) players on the hands of the card are all-like unitary nine, so the card is called clear unitary nine. Licensing type such as 11,177,888,990,000.
13. (In addition to a separate calculation of the number of root with the number of players) has been called, and the player in the bar, the bar from a card just the player himself The required bid, then the player can choose Hu card, this situation is called bar on the flower.
14. (The bar +1 pen to the end of gold: × 2) players in the bar, the first bar a card, and then destroy a card, and play this card is just the other players Hu card need Card, this situation is called bar on a cannon.
15. report (2 Fan at the end of gold: × 4) the dealer in the card after the completion of the first card to play the next call, or the player in the card after the completion of the card, and called the next call All), and then change the hand.
16. Day Hu (5 back to the end of the gold: × 32) the dealer in the card after the completion of the Hu card, this situation is called days Hu.
17. (5 back to the end of the gold: × 32) players in the card after the completion of the next call, and in the first round after the card after the card. This is called Hu Hu. A number of categories: the number of players in each plate after the end of the calculation unit, each card has a different number of calculation.
At least the fixed amount of each of the tables.
Basic Hu (including):
Standard (0%) at the end of gold × 1
With a root (+1 Fan) at the end of gold × 2
On the child Hu (1 Fan) at the end of gold × 2
Fill the rain (+1 fan) at the end of gold × 1
Straight bar rain (+1 fan) at the end of gold × 2
Dark bar rain (+1 Fan) at the end of gold × 2
Bar on the gun (+1 Fan) at the end of gold × 2
Bar on the flower (+2 Fan) at the end of gold × 4
All the way (2 Fan) at the end of gold × 4
Dark seven pairs (2 Fan) at the end of gold × 4
Unitary nine cards (2 Fan) at the end of gold × 4
Will be on (3 Fan) at the end of gold × 8
Qing Dynasty (3 Fan) at the end of gold × 8
Dragon seven pairs (4 Fan) at the end of gold × 16
Clear seven pairs (4 Fan) at the end of gold × 16
Clear unitary nine (4 Fan) at the end of gold × 16
Qinglong seven pairs (5 Fan) at the end of gold × 32
Call (2 Fan) at the end of gold × 4
Day Hu (5 Fan) at the end of gold × 32
To Hu (5 Fan) at the end of gold × 32

Actual combat card

(1) you as a dealer, feel 14 cards, sorted as follows:

Two, two, two, three, two tubes, two tubes, four tubes, six tubes, eight tubes, eight tubes, eight tubes, Nine tubes, fifty thousand, fifty thousand.

First consider the need to be labeled as short of the door, had to open a pair of fifty thousand. After playing two fifty thousand, the card array touched four, three tubes. At this time, you think the sub-card has been organized well (although there are nine cheese sub-card, made all-out will have to play out five pieces of cards, but also difficult to judge what brand, too uneconomical), they decided to play 9 tubes. Very clever, it was played two, you hit.

Show that at this time you can play the card has two options: 1. play two tubes, to avoid others “kick”, six barrels, seven cans and cards, eight drums can also be picked up. 2. play six barrels, may cause others to open the bar, two tubes, five cans and cards, eight barrels can also open bars. Look at the card has been out of the card has no two tubes, six tubes there are two, you will play a six-tube. Later, you feel Yi the Five strips. Open the bar two, unfortunately, others grab the bar, you touch the card useless, abandoned it.

Finally, you have the honor to touch an eight tube, ” dark bar “, clever enough, bar up a five tube to “bar on the flower” and the card.

(2) you are not a dealer, feels 13 cards, sorted as follows:

Ten thousand, ten thousand, forty thousand, fifty thousand, seventy thousand, eighty thousand, five tubes, six tubes, four, four, five, five
First, consider the need to hit the door, has played five barrels, six tubes, feels a forty thousand, an 80,000. At this time, the hands of five pairs of cards, both can be considered to do the child and can be considered to do the dark seven pairs. Then, touch up a sixty thousand, taking into account the cross-shaped cards can be done all-in-one, they decided to play a five.
Things happen coincidence, it was playing four, determined not to touch, and so there is a four play out and then the camera to act. Well, they touched a ten thousand. And then hit the Five strips. Ten thousand out hit a four. Forty thousand out hit, and then hit a four. Called, and thirty thousand. Self-touch.

The history of the most hemp march completely dedicated mahjong

Mahjong card is from the mahjong game began to countless mahjong game enthusiasts summed up the experience of winning, and then use vivid language to elaborate, to facilitate future generations to learn mahjong game a formula. After all the summary of the mahjong predecessors, mahjong card formulas have a total of 95 as much. Mahjong lovers, if you can put these mahjong cards, are kept in mind, and then used in actual combat, will be able to improve the mahjong winning percentage.

1. head do not eat other home to play the first one

Mahjong card is from the mahjong game began to countless mahjong game enthusiasts summed up the experience of winning, and then use vivid language to elaborate, to facilitate future generations to learn mahjong game a formula. After all the summary of the mahjong predecessors, mahjong card formulas have a total of 95 as much. Mahjong lovers, if you can put these mahjong cards, are kept in mind, and then used in actual combat, will be able to improve the mahjong winning percentage.

1. head do not eat

Do not eat the first card does not eat silicon. The hands of the card are generally messier.If the other home to play the first one on the open and open, after no swing –

Control edge

Pointed cards and three can be described as the card in the card to the card. Can not be left out early in the other home when the odds of hopeless when the demolition side to take, thus destroying its layout.

3 will be defeated

All just obsessed with big, and refused to random and small cards, and finally, must fail.

Can not touch

Beginners tend to have every encounter on the psychological. Each touch once will narrow the scope of combat. The cards are often made to meet the face of the card to break, lost contact, increase the card difficult. If even do the head of the pair also touched, will make the group card detours.

5. Do not greedy Zhang

On the home of the card cannot be eaten with the cave.Although the card can speed up the group card speed and reduce the scope of operations, but not easy to make a multi-face to listen to the card type.

6. Do not blame

Mahjong sports in the appropriate use of psychological tactics. Disrupt the opponent’s thinking, to lure opponents fooled, so that they win.

7. Get on

If the hand has 5,7 and 6,8 million, _ home on the homes out of 6. Under the home bells out of 60,000, their homes, when the choice of 6,8 million mosaics to wait for Home may then give up six, and the top of the home out of the 60,000. This is the principle of the two places.

8. To sum up

And can and can, to establish their own confidence, to shake home to do big confidence, so that they’re own invincible.

9. the first three strokes

Also known as the first three strokes or open three strokes, open the first patrol card, the second patrol observation, the third tour, referred to as “a tour.

10. throw a stone to ask the way

The target has not yet determined, may wish to first stone asked the way, do not rush to eat touch, first touch a few to see if you can get started, and then set out to explore the trend of leisure, and then determine the direction of Fan.


She at the expense of the hand combination, blindly withstand the next home on their own and the next home are unfavorable, and other opponents may be fishermen profit, and ultimately will inevitably make their own failure.

12. red for red

Consciously play a card, in exchange for the same card. In order to form a full demand and the card, the last to eat or play cards, the hands of only one pair of children, playing one of them is to tempt other people can also play the same card, and thus into and.

13. No. brand touch pulse

Give out a tentative card, observe the opponent’s response.

14. not greedy not dangerous

Do not cover the high board and the card. The risk of the point gun will not be too big.

15 good cards first fight

A good card generally refers to the center Zhang. After opening the card as soon as possible can not play into the center of Zhang. To prevent the war phase was used (eat, touch or brand).

16. Slow and fast touch

Refers to the card to be slightly slower, careful, do not rush to bright cards; want to touch the card should be reported as soon as possible.

17. Shake the word trimming

The traditional play is the first card to play cards and what nine. 18, gold three silver seven, describe the three and seven order number card in the mahjong group card in the importance of.

19 big autumn dream

Only one or two pairs of children, but want to do “dark seven pairs.” This is not done with the card and the hope of the dream and high fan play. Called “Spring and Autumn dream”.

20. Four winds up

In the first tour of the card, a total of a suit with the wild card or Wrigley. Was four consecutive round out, during which no food and intermittent. Called “four winds and even play”, according to the Council and the other.

21. Little happy wins

If one is big and has been heard, although the three homes carefully, do not blame the home may also be self-touch and. Because the blue family buckle, is bound to affect their group card, but the opportunity to self-affection and is still great. If the other two are to make a small card, it is better to feed the two to promote it and to lift the greater threat. And lost to the big value of the big lost compared to the Han to the value of the lost or

Won the win.

22 sick card does not go out

The sick card is an absolutely dangerous card, and there is such a card in the hand, and it will not affect it, even if it will affect the card and the card.

23. chaos licensing avoid eating touch

Match card messy. There is too much of a single leaf, and even if you have eaten many times, you can not think about it. This situation is best to draw more cards, adjust the sign and ask the card side asked.

24. Come and hear yourself

Saga is not bright or bright out of the card. Resulting in two possible possibilities, one has been caught in the hands of other homes, one in the card in the block. If it is the latter case, the chance of getting caught is great.

25. Do not pretend to lie

In the case of non-violation of the regulations, the player is allowed to use various measures. However, cannot play a rogue, cannot stir up, unreasonable.

26. offensive and defensive should be appropriate

Attack and defend is relatively speaking. When the self is already a good brand, scratch licensing can take the offensive. Can even ignore the other home to do the card. If the card is not ideal. Zhang difficult. Not shed a lot of Health Zhang, then you can take a defensive strategy, the top, the buckle is not casually hit, Zhang.

27. On the next into the touch

This is a chance card. The next home to touch the next home more touch a card, in the Cheng and when the number of home because of the number of touches, the opportunity to touch their own cards are often able to self-touch and so people will call this opportunity card.

28 four even split dry head

In order to ensure that the brand voice, the touch into the formation of the four sides of the card, is bound to play one, pay attention to chase all the way cooked.

29. leisurely stay on the top

On the top refers to the card and the home card retrograde. Want to borrow the home of the wind, to speed up their group card and card. Their own leisurely left. Once the ride, easy to eat into. In addition, we should try to master the law and design requirements of the group at home, before the various countries have not yet entered the Council, for the fight on the home more cards, increase their chance to draw the card to speed up the progress.

30. keep alive Ning split

It is difficult to play out of the card, so it depends on their own and hopes the size of the set. If the hope and hope are too small, caught into the raw Zhang Ning do not fight, but demolition forced, so as not to point guns.

31 do Zhuang first hit the North

The dealer is out of the wind. Should first give up the north wind, followed by the westerly, south wind.

32. twenty-eight do not move light

Order number two and eight easy to pocket, generally do not easily out.

33. Attention to the top

Trying to attract the home to play their own needs, always pay attention to the dynamics of the home, to control the next home, as far as possible not to play the next home to eat the card.

34. contralateral as embedded

In terms of probability, there are 2 + 2 = 4 cards for the case, and there are 4 cards for the cards. It seems to be down and easier, in the actual demolition of the child when most people do not want to split on. On the down can be two cards, but easy to be easily punched by the opponent; and embedded to listen to a card, more concentrated, generally not opponents all catch-up. Therefore, the opportunity to insert into the same but bigger.

35. Avoid the light also wins

They do not have and hope that the card should try to avoid the big one to let go to do a small card who listen or become and avoid heavy, reduce losses.

36 feet longer the better playing

The cards in the cards are associated with the cards, and they are mixed with each other.

37. double number of pocket as a single

‘In the order number of cards, singular 3 and 7, and can be with the pocket. And the number of pairs of numbers, no matter what two card combinations. Can not all pocket.

38. four sides of the booth will be caught in the fishing

If there are already four cards bright, is bound to form a full demand for the card, it will naturally cause everyone’s wary and speculation. In most cases the fishing will be fishing or Zhang nine, this sentence is just tips to be surprisingly successful.To break the habit of the general view of people out of the way to catch the center Zhang and apex, but easy to succeed.

39. split Zhang, control large sheets

If a card out of the house may give you a greater loss, this big strong firmly hold. “Would rather give a small dish to other food and can not let the big and out.

40. hope big, suffer big

A hand, seeing to be successful, but the key is no longer on the Zhang, although their hope is great, but even the birth of Zhang, but to promote another home into, and make their own losses.

No fool

Every player in the bureau is faced with the contradiction between home and home. Conform to the home under the control of the home is the player to adapt to the natural smart choice. When you can not eat the home of the home when the card should be promptly developed a combat strategy, and can not blindly resentment; for the next home do not put a stumbling posture, otherwise, hinder friendship.

42. Do not arrogance, do not devastated

Seeking success and pride and pride;

43. compose non-noon, rape rape

Here “series” and “rape” refers to the use of mahjong technology and tactics, true and false. False reality, to induce opponents to make it and make mistakes.

44. stable for the high, and for your

Not easy to play cards, touch cards or open bars, stable line of the card. So that opponents difficult to catch mold. Do not miss the chance to be the most important.

45. rather not, and not burning

When necessary, would rather give up and the card, nor out of luck to point the gun. Usually in the case of special needs.

46. big and dangerous, small and flooded

Want to and big has some trouble. Casually and a small card, often and big may be lost.

47. Look at the card to see people

In the course of the line to observe the opponent’s character, habits and licensing skills operating characteristics in order to determine their group card habits, licensing force, licensing potential and the main direction.

48. licensing skills know, licensing potential as wind

Proficient in playing cards, the tactics must use freely. The warfare is on top of others, and in the course of the card and the card, any of the cards can be well regulated.

49. home not playing. Home not touch

Some players like to L in the L family did not have to go to the card when the card and the trial card (see the card.) If other homes to hit, it changed the order of playing cards, do not catch this card after the card, you also Know what this card is. So the field agreement “L home does not fight, the next home does not touch” the rules.

50. I do not know if the deduction if known to buckle

Can not judge the opponent to do the direction of the card. Urgent need that door or that card. If you know ar opponent to make the direction and the scope of the card, should be held. Slow down the speed of its group. Let yourself and in front.

51. Look for three goals

From the beginning of the card, it is necessary to carefully sign and card. According to the situation of the card and three homes quietly to determine the situation to develop strategies and the main direction.

52. The basin as a remedy

The final stage of the hand is called the “mess” stage, and the four groups are basically in place and a catch. Therefore, the card to the mess. Should be careful.

53. first tight after loose. Grasp the sense of proportion

Experienced players are more likely to take precedence over the loose strategy. The first half of the play level. Lay the foundation for victory. Near the end of the game, to speed up the offensive, quick fix, see and that is, no longer do more big, widening and opponents of the outcome difference. Get rid of opponents of your containment.

54. card is not smooth to keep, the heart is not smooth to stabilize

The line card is not smooth to “raise”, meaning that temporarily do not do big, do not rush to eat or Sheng card, calm with its natural, and small and on the card. Feeling bad mood, but also to be stable, do not act rashly.

55. do Zhuang do not make cards, do the cards do not die, Zhuang

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