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Experience tells you how to play mahjong correctly

Experience tells you how to play mahjong correctly

There is no win, but the correct experience makes you win

Do not see the card, grasp Qi look.

This is the hands of the experience of playing cards. Some players like or are accustomed to playing cards. This is not the case, because it is easy for the opponent to start to glimpse your brand posture because you are in the arrangement of the arrangement, has revealed some kind of information. In addition, because of the focus on the rationale on the card, it is likely to draw more or less scratch card, the formation of Messire, most of the cards are in the hands of the card on the card. The correct way should be to finish the hand and then quickly browse the card posture. There is a general impression of the card post and then wait for the card.

Nine touches and not, and then touch the anti-gun card.

This is the anti-gun experience. When the opening card after catching the ninth card before and after the time, this is a demarcation point. Under normal circumstances, the list of the situation appeared, the field appeared dangerous situation. When playing cards in the card, the mind must have a sense of risk card, a card to be careful. In actual combat, the missing point of the gun, but they are mixed, but surprised, that is incredible. So, see nine anti-insurance, which is an experience.

The cards are six sheets, and the cards are hopeless.

When the hands of the cards have more than six orphans, under normal circumstances, this card to listen to the card, and the card is almost zero hope. When this card appears, to take the defensive, step by step, beware of missing.

Good card is good, brand NAO is NAO.

Playing bridge has a symmetrical principle, which also applies to competitive mahjong. Often there is such a situation: four players grabbed the three cards either good or not good. Or have to listen to the card, or do not listen to the card, or listen to the big. This is the so-called symmetry principle. This principle tells us, do not suddenly see the problem to death. When you are a good card, do not secretly chuckle, because some people may be better than your card, it is called mountains outside the mountain, days outside the day, do not be happy too early. Do not be discouraged when you are poor, because someone may be worse than your card. To live up to the gas, catch a few look at the situation to say. This point is very important.

Bad card point gun, back card report.

This sentence is very straightforward but very clear. One hand rotten card, not only cannot see the door but into a full point of guns in the people. Either the technology is too low, or is paralyzed. Actual experience tells us that once the bad card point of the gun, down a few months, or even more than a dozen discs, tough and difficult, commonly known as “lazy sleep card.” Therefore, the bad card cannot take the children and loose children.

Lack of stay cooked, lack of living.

This is the experience of keeping cards. When the hands of missing when the child, leaving the cooked card as well, when the hands of the absence of the child, leaving the card as well. Cooked easy to rely on, easy to find easy to find.

Three cards, always remember prison.

There are three basic skills, one is to conceal the card, the process of roaring, to conceal the intention, can not let the opponent peep your way to do the card; the second is the card will lure, through the roster, create a hoax, seduce opponents to play You need the card; third is to pay attention to pinch, when to eat, when to touch, buckle what card, first out of what card, after what the card, have to grasp the sense of proportion. In actual combat, play three strokes, opponents did not move.

To give up too early, no emboldened.

Some of the players, grabbed the hand, a look card is not forming, to give up and the card directly to the plan, cover the final conclusion. With this idea, no longer consider leaving cards, only consider with the cooked card. But sometimes, the card gave you a joke, the way to catch the card, all useful, Zhang Zhang Shun, people at a loss. Because of a play on the clear and abandoned the idea, and now this kind of battle is actually people dilemma, riding a tiger. The back cannot bear, into the harder. So, this situation prompted the players to do not a premature conclusion. Remember that “rotten cards do not panic, open three, grasp the thinking, and then set the direction.

Wang licensing self-convenience, giving convenience.

When the card in a prosperous, or continuous Zuozhuang, too fast to hear the first to listen to. Do not clamor, do not be afraid to borrow cards. Borrowed with the convenience of people, but also clear the barriers to idle cards. Pave the way for a smooth group. Seemingly convenient and people, but in reality is more self, why not?

Card back and forth, back to beat.

A few laps and cards, hands are bad cards, the hearts of anxious, out of order. Some players even stay cooked, let others eat and touch. So go on, back or back card, beaten or beaten.

Point guns have the skills to prevent big and small.

In actual combat, the point guns often occur. Point gun for a variety of reasons, a few Council card to play down, no point of the gun may be zero. Therefore, from the psychological, can not point the gun as a taboo or burden. If you carry a heavy burden playing cards, it is like a snail crawling, never hard to go to the forefront of victory. Point guns have a principle, when their card strength, especially when there is a big, as long as do not do big home point guns, students Zhang, Zhang worry about the fight or to fight. As the saying goes: “dare to fight dare, refreshed.” “A fight a Bo, end of a nest.” Actual combat, the critical juncture, often is a narrow line meet, will die is born.

Under the family card is good, do not run.

This is under control of the experience of home. When the next family card Wang, their own line to see the plane to act, when the fast is fast, slow is slow to slow the main. If you hurry, actually help in the next home run. Because of the next family card Wang, often run in front of you, you run faster, the next home on the more and more early So, when the next family is good, you have to talk about training slow work.

People Gui-hui, the card expensive to listen to.

A talented person, often a swagger, do not reveal the edge of the people. Such a person in society must be a respected person, a successful person. Hands have a good card, listen to the wide, listen to the early, should not be exposed, good at hiding, so as not to be opponents aware, more likely to win.

Such as guns to be cooked, and so touch to health.

This is the basic method of licensing and licensing methods, and other people point the gun to wait for Zhang, cooked easy and easy; and when insisted on self-touch, do not eat and when the opportunity to sing more, listen to wide, and for a long time, easy to touch The

Card from solitary Zhang abandoned Zhang most easy and.

This is to enter the plate, and so on the experience of guns to talk about. Experienced players know that listen to listen to the familiar, easy and card. Into the back plate, listen to listen to solitary sheets, easy and card. Card war, the list of cards if you can listen to the opponent does not abandon the sheets, it is a good card.

Three missing one, no emergency.

Life often have this situation, three people want to play cards, lack of one cannot find, then, three are busy contact to fill the vacant field, if you are looking for, if you are not prepared or something in the body, Inconvenience to get out, then, do not fill the rescue field. Practice experience shows that to join the field is not cold field, the scene vulnerable to injury.

Practice the first training heart, a mind is a gold.

The most basic way to improve the skills of playing cards is to practice more practice. In the practice and practice of the process, diligent thinking, more pondering, and constantly improve their own consciousness and understanding. But this is only the basis of the process of licensing, the key is to pay attention to training. To gradually learn to control their own emotions, control their own greed, with a normal heart, look at the reincarnation of the brand in a lost, one wins and one loss. Some players either want to pin their hopes on luck or put their hopes on the skills, not knowing, more than luck and skill are the mentalities, is one of the most valuable and peaceful mentality. Only peace of mind, in order to control the licensing potential, control skills, control the outcome.

When the dispute is the dispute when let.

This is a big skill in combat. In the process of athletics, the hands of a card, there is no sign, and the possibility of the card, first of all, to be aware of. Hands like a good card phase, when the dispute is the fight, hands hand licensing phase when let. When the contention is scrambling, it will obviously lose the chance. So let the time, no and the card is hard to fight and the card must be a basket of water a blank. Therefore, the actual combat, we must understand: “the dispute is not allowed so that people do not dispute” truth. In accordance with this reason to play cards, is the real skills. Violation of this reason to play cards, skills is not a skill.

A heart is not a magic, the card is not angry.

Mind refers to the heart is not good intentions: jealousy, greed, whole people, revenge, mockery, pique and so on. When playing cards mixed with these things, it will not consciously obsessed Reaction on the line of the performance is: out of Zhang Zhang Zhang, Zhang Zhang Zhang, Zhang is not on the Zhang, playing on what Han, and what Han nothing, commonly known as “people spoiled cards fight.” In fact, the card itself will not get angry, it will not fight, is the body of the angry reaction to the card. When people get angry, the card naturally vents the fire.

Do not fight back, do not win.

Do not go with the card, do not go to fight and card. To fight against the results, or someone else and the card. Can not fight, the next back to the whole, do not win, only to win. Remember: the card back to play, but do not love seat.

Letter and not fans, fans confused.

Play cards pay attention to methods, playing cards pay attention to skills. This is not the letter does not work. But the letter to the letter, but not superstition, once the superstition, playing cards became stereotypes, became a habit, hard to change. Then the advantage will become a disadvantage. Further said, lost to fans, but not obsessed, when the card hit the obsession, the technology has become no surgery, as strokes without strokes.

Think cannot do, practice is not yet.

All the players have regret when. All regret is after the results of some comprehend, but the crux of the problem is repeated mistakes repeated offenders, repeated mistakes, which are thought to do not reason. Brand war, think cannot do, generally, have the following ten cases:

First, think of today should not be war, but the heart itch, hands itch, or three missing, due to the situation, went, lost.

Second, think of this card should not eat, after eating a card, knowing that the taboo, and licensing bad, but in order to listen to the card, or eat, and finally, the hands of a birth card, grabbed a birth card, Happens to be two are dangerous cards, it is the enemy road narrow, fight, and the point.

Three is to think of their own draw, the home play this card should not touch, but could not help but still touched the results of the home to seize after playing, only know that they need to be embedded, The.

Fourth, think of this bar should not open, but still could not help but open, afterward proved, bad, wrong.

Five think this card should not be out, but still could not help but out, the results of others and, and hate, and pain.

Six think this card should not be deducted, but always worried that this card is released to a dangerous, may be shot, has been deducted down, the results, buckle, dead.

Seven is to think of this card and not, but still, want to, and the direction of the card, catch, lost.

Eight is to think of this card and the card, others point a gun, and give up, like to touch, the results of others and regret, late.

Nine is to think of this card is big, do, see the insurance, and give up, and finally know, wrong, late.

Ten is thought today has lost, should end, but the heart unwilling, but also want to play, others complete, war, miserable.

Think of cannot do, everyone has it. However, repeated mistakes, repeated mistakes, should not have.

Unhappy, it is a blessing.


Brand war, small unhappy often have. Big and became small and, since the touch and become food and, listen and grasp the gun, had to abandon and so on. In all fairness, athletic unhappy, are a mentality of the performance of the player. Do not be filled, a heart cannot be greedy. Such a mentality, to adapt to the complex, in the cycle of the situation. At the end of a hand, if the feeling of small unhappy, it is precisely their own blessing.

First, the mahjong will teach you to treat the world. Often playing mahjong people know that if you hold the mentality of the play, ten nine not only cannot pull the book but also more erosion of the book. Only to see the average heart to win or lose, you can in the field on the more than the power of inspiration, the probability of playing the wrong card will be greatly reduced. Some people say that playing cards are a deal. So called the transaction, because they pay more attention to input and output than the pursuit of the smallest investment is the largest output. In fact, I agree with playing cards is just an entertainment. When the Quartet friends together, the satiety after the meal, and then around the table and seat, while the name of the card, side or laughing life, or narrative long feelings, the harvest is thick friendship, pay only a few money Only the so-called income is greater than the loss also. Buy clothes, buy food and the like consumption, made the food is fresh clothing, and playing cards lose money, if the exchange back to a thick love, but also can be said to lose a lose ah.

Second, the mahjong will teach you the vision of the machine. A hand is very smooth, of course, should win the chase, because the licensing is also coincide with the “three decades east, three years Hexi” feng shui said. Even Hu four five to thirteen mysterious, or although only Ping Hu, but no point of the gun, so that the card to the end of the basic do not lose the foundation, on the contrary, to play with one or two hours, but only Hu two or three Hu, the situation must be bad. But do not impatient, as long as the withstand, less shot, Hu card “spring” will always come, the key is to not ring when remembering fewer guns. The same reason, the so-called “wait for a long time, naturally have”, through the difficult times, good luck must wait for you behind This is like our life, no one appreciated when the low profile, quietly accumulate strength, met Bole, the Maxima should “do not Yangbian from the hoof” to their own good performance, won the “smell in the waiting” Reputation.

Third, the mahjong to teach your anger is not shaped in the calm. Seven pairs of listening to the mouth, you must not buckle the card on the table, the hands of only one to leave seven pairs of cards. Otherwise, the three parties will immediately be alert, we will be based on whether you are novice and cautious out of the card, and even prefer not to Hu also want you to Hu card in the hands of the card. That is, if you are a novice, the other guess you will certainly catch the table did not play the card Hu seven pairs, they have played on the table at least two cards, and if you are veteran, the other guess you will certainly catch the table has been playing Two cards, they will only play cards, even if the table has to the same card, the first four will not call you. This is the joy of the consequences of color. And anger is not in color, for example, you listen to the mouth, but I do not know Hu, four or two, five, consider, you decide Hu, four, to the card to always two or five. You fire, and then hit two or five, did not want to catch the other side of the cow is not repent of temper, Hu you two or five of the seven pairs, so how wrong. So, regardless of good cards, bad cards, you only stabilize, stabilize, and then stabilize, it is possible to scrutinize the enemy, do not let each other take the opportunity to paste your card.

Fourth, mahjong teaches you the flexibility to deal with the strategy. Urgent, you will be eager to make the card bigger, disdain in Ping Hu Ding mouth, whether appropriate or not, always think of the thirteen mysterious like the big. Can come to the card is always two or three cake sticky too tight. At this time, you should calm down, flexible disposal. According to the number of cards to the card to show the pattern is Pinghu, cannot be strong to make other kinds of licensing Road (such as thirteen mysterious, bump Hu, etc.), because playing mahjong should follow a most critical The principle is: who first listen to the mouth, who won the probability of the largest. The so-called “first listen to the mouth is strong, after listening to mouth to suffer.” This also inspires us in the world should also be flexible and witty, can not blindly horn. “Knowing that there are tigers, tend to Tiger Hill” approach I do not agree. Get through the way, at least for you is dead. Others can pass through because of its own conditions and the environment in which the inevitability. This road can not go through, you can find another way, maybe another way, starting from your condition, but also a bright road, this case is not uncommon.


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