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What is Distribution (Hi Pai)

What is Distribution (Hi Pai)

Distribution (Yes)

It is that each player brings a tile at the start of the station.

When all distributions are completed, the tiles will be 14 parents and 13 children .

First of all, turn over all the tiles and mix well.

Next, we will make 17 tiles and 2 tiles of mountain tiles.

Next the parent rolls the dice.

From the parents counting from the tiles of the second few dice counterclockwise,

Leave as many dice as the number of dice on the right side,

I will bring 4 cards (2 mountains) from my parents.

Repeat this 3 times, so that 4 tiles will have 12 tiles.

Parents take 2 copies at the end, and pick up one child at a time.

Let’s remember that there is a way to get it. I introduce it in the figure below.

When the distribution tile (Hi Pai) is over,

14 parents and 13 children have tiles (pie).

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