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Chinese Mahjong Competition Rules

Mahjong originated in China, to the middle of the Qing Dynasty basic stereotypes.
Chinese name
Chinese Mahjong Competition Rules

The middle of the Qing Dynasty
Puzzle, fun, game

table of Contents

  1.  Preface
  2. General
     Code of Conduct
  3.  equipment venues
     Auxiliary appliances
     Site equipment
  4. General rules of the game
     Basic terms
     Competition procedures
     and licensing requirements
     Score scores
     Results of the competition


    In the long process of historical evolution, mahjong gradually spread from the court to the folk, to the middle of the Qing Dynasty basic stereotypes.
    Mahjong movement not only has the unique characteristics of the game, but also has a set of intellectual, interesting, game in one of the sports charm and rich connotation, long heritage of oriental cultural characteristics, and thus become a treasure house of traditional Chinese culture is an important part.
    This “Chinese mahjong competition rules (Trial)”, is widely solicited experts and people from all walks of life on the basis of a few drafts, repeatedly modified after the formation. Although basically able to reflect some of the general law of the mahjong movement, but there are still some limitations, still need to be scrutiny and repeated testing, in order to gradually tend to improve. Therefore, we sincerely hope that the national mahjong sports enthusiasts, in practice, continue to be modified and refined to help us to carry out this work better.

    General rule


    In order to standardize the Chinese mahjong competition, to guide the mahjong exercise to the scientific, standardized, healthy track, improve the level of mahjong sports, enrich the people’s cultural life, resolutely oppose the mahjong card as a tool for gambling behavior, promote healthy mahjong competition , And better serve the construction of socialist spiritual civilization, specially formulated this “rules”.

    code of conduct

    One, athlete
    Athletes should be non-school students aged 18 or above. Must have good cultural quality, will quality and moral style. Consciously abide by the “Code of Athlete”, abide by the rules of the game, the track discipline, subject to the referee.
    Second, the referee
    The referee and the contestant must abide by the Code of Referee and carry out the competition in a serious, earnest, just and accurate manner in accordance with the rules of the competition, the rules and the rules of the referee.
    Three, etiquette
    (A) athletes, referees, job salesman must dress neat, talk about the behavior of civilization.
    (B) before the start of the game, athletes, referees should be quiet and orderly admission.
    (C) the referee announced the beginning of the game, the athletes according to the referee’s instructions, the athletes, referees shake hands to thank each other.

    (D) during the game, is strictly prohibited smoking, keep quiet.

    Equipment site

    Auxiliary equipment

    National and provincial, autonomous regions and municipalities of the mahjong competition and a variety of regular competition, must use the State Sports General Administration of Social Sports Guide Center validation or confirmation of the licensing.
    First, mahjong card
    A total of six brands of 42 kinds of patterns, 144 sheets.
    (A) 108 cards in total
    1. Million sub-card: from ten thousand to nine thousand, the four, a total of 36.
    2. Pizza: from a cake to nine cakes, each 4, a total of 36.
    3. Slave card: from one to nine, the four, a total of 36.
    (B) the total number of 28 cards
    1. Wind: East, South, West, North, the four, a total of 16.
    2. Wrigley: medium, hair, white, the four, a total of 12.
    (3) flower card: spring, summer, autumn, winter, plum, blue, bamboo, chrysanthemum, each one, a total of eight.
    Competition with mahjong card should be smooth texture, solid, smooth, pattern, and handwriting clear and neatly. Full mahjong size thick, color and texture to be unified, each card on the back of the color, texture to be the same.
    Second, the scorecard
    Scoring tools, respectively, 1,8,10,50,100 and other points.
    Three, dice
    Cube, hand dice specifications for the 1-1.5 cm, solid texture, smooth, smooth, six sides were engraved with 1-6 points, 1 on the back of the back of 6,2 for the back of 5,3 4, dice body for the solid, the center of gravity at the center. Which 1:00 and 4:00 for the red, the rest is blue or black, the point of coloring obvious.

    Site equipment

    First, the venue
    The site area must be able to accommodate the athletes specified in the competition procedure at the same time. The venue is quiet, clean, well ventilated and bright in the interior. There should be no mirror or any reflective object behind the player. The table is over 2 meters above the vertical, with at least 100 (Lx) and arranged for safe evacuation in the event of an accident.
    Second, the table
    Desktop for the square, the side length of 80-95 cm, highly moderate, stable and solid (also available through the validation of the automatic mahjong machine). Such as the use of wood or stone brand desktop, the above should be spread out the tablecloth and desktop table with the same table, the thickness of not more than 0.5 cm.
    Three seats
    Each table with five seats (including the referee seat), the size of the table to adapt to the level.
    Four, scoring table
    Used to record the results of the game.
    Fifth, the direction of signs
    The venue should be in the natural direction of the East set a diameter of 60-90 cm “East” plate, in order to determine the orientation of the athletes seated.
    Six clocks
    The game site should be in a prominent position hanging a standard race clock.
    Seven, stopwatch
    Calculate the time limit.

    General rules of the game

    Basic terminology

    One, round
    Line a week for a round.
    Second, the disk
    Every time from the brand and brand or card for a plate.
    Three circles
    Four people sitting in a circle for a circle.
    Four, bureau
    Every four laps or reach the required time for a bureau.
    Five, lap wind
    The number of rings per game. The first lap for the east circle, the second lap for the south wind circle, the third lap for the westerly circle, the fourth lap for the north wind circle.
    Six, the door wind
    Athlete’s logo for each seat. Dealer for the east wind, the next home for the south wind, home for the westerly, home for the north wind
    Seven, positioning
    The number and orientation of the player determined by the lottery number.
    Eight, banker, next door
    The door of the East for the dealer, the rest are the next home. Regardless of whether or not, the dealer does not even Zhuang.
    Nine, rotation
    Athletes in the course of the competition in accordance with the provisions of the competition for the location of the exchange.
    Ten, hand
    Placed in front of their own cards for the hand, the standard number of 13. The process of the line includes the straight in front of the straight, carved, bar; open bars out of the card is not calculated in the 13 standard number of cards.
    Eleven, the card
    According to the basic card type and card must have a separate combination of pairs.
    Twelve, straight son
    3 cards with the same number of lines.
    Thirteen engraved
    3 identical cards. Hit out for the moment, caught in the hands of the dark carved.
    Two identical cards.
    Fifteen, plate
    Refers to the wind card and Wrigley, wind card for the East, South, West, North. Wrigley for the medium, hair, white.
    Sixteen, unitary nine cards
    One or nine of the order cards.
    Seventeen, eat cards
    Refers to the home to play the card, the newspaper “eat” to take their own two cards out together to form a straight son, and according to the provisions of this card debut in the legislation before the card.
    Eighteen, touch cards
    Refers to any one to play the card, the newspaper “touch” to take their own pairs of children, together to form a pair of carved, and according to the provisions of this card debut in the legislation before the card.
    Four of the same cards.
    Twenty, make up flowers
    Caught in the flower card, the Ming placed before the legislation card, and from the card wall to make up a card.
    Twenty one, listen to the card
    Only a need for a card that can and the status of the card.
    Twenty twenty, and the card
    Meet the provisions of the licensing conditions, to meet or exceed the points and sub-standard and reported the behavior of the card.
    Twenty-three, from touch and
    He caught into the card, and reported and card.
    Twenty-four points and
    And the cards played by others.
    Twenty five, reported card
    A signer announces a card, a sign, a bumper, a flower, or a card.
    Twenty six, species species
    Is a certain score with a variety of cards in the form of combinations or licensing style of the title.
    Twenty-seven, fine Zhang
    A person who is judged to be punished.
    Twenty-eight, single release
    Self-touch into the card and a card, not free to insert into the hands of a separate placed in order to verify.
    Twenty-nine, more than one, less Zhang
    Before the card, the number of cards is more or less than the prescribed quantity.
    Thirty, bad card
    Each card finished 144 cards, after playing no one or card.
    Thirty-one, fraud and
    Do not comply with the “rules” conditions and announced the card.
    Thirty-two, licensing wall, licensing city
    Four of them in front of the code into 18 pier, that is, called the wall. Four cards around the wall called the city.
    Thirty-three, licensing pool
    That is, four walls surrounded by the area.
    Thirty-four, the game points
    Used to reflect the results of the competition units. During the course of the competition, the following terms are calculated in terms of competition.
    (1) Basic game points: The basic score of the athlete before the start of each game is reflected in the sum of the score of the scorecard. The standard is 500 points. Scorecard number: 100 points 1, 50 points 4, 10 points 10, 8 points 10, 1 minute 20.
    (B) from and points: and the card must reach the minimum score (8 points). The flower card is divided into minutes and minutes.
    (C) the basic points: and after the card, the sum of each fan scores.
    (4) Penalty: A fraction that is penalized by an athlete who violates the Rules.
    (5) bottom points: not and the card must be paid to the card side of the score, score 8 points.
    (6) points: athletes in each game in the game gains and losses points.
    (7) Bureau points: the end of a game, the game points and the sum of the basic game points.
    Thirty-five standard points
    A score unit used to calculate a score in a game. According to the athletes in the group to obtain the game points assigned to the score conversion.

    Competition procedure

    First, the team
    Each team should have a leader, athletes four, or can increase the bench one person.
    Second, the system system
    The game uses four tables.
    Third, the game method
    According to the provisions of the competition rules.
    Fourth, the game time
    Each game time for 3 hours, midfield rest 15 minutes. The game is completed within the specified time, that is, the end of this Council; the last game of each game before the end of 15 minutes, by the referee reported that to remind the team. The game has reached the required time, a game is still in progress, should be announced by the referee to the time, that is, a bureau (disk) game ended, according to the score has been calculated results.
    Five, the game
    (A) record athletes according to the provisions of the game time, to the designated location to report, check.
    (2) athletes admission to the athletes should be scheduled to advance admission, according to the results of the draw. By the referee to check the positioning, set the village, and distribution, check the number and score of the scorecard.
    (C) reshuffle steps
    1. The athletes took the cards all over again, with the cards facing down.
    2. The athlete rubs his hands with both hands to make the game uniform and disorderly. Attention to avoid the same or connected cards together. Shuffle, the main is rubbing their cards in front of their cards in front of the central, in the central table scrubbing.
    3. The referee thinks that the rubbing is not uniform enough to ask the athlete to continue to scrub or stop the reshuffle, the referee himself reshuffle (except for the use of automatic mahjong).
    (D) code plate
    The referee announced the code plate, each card 36 cards, two cards up and down together for a pier, each 18 piers, and code into the wall in front of their own, four card wall connected into a square.
    (5) roll and open the card
    1. Using two rolls. The dice must hold two dice and throw them from the center of the pool over a height of 20-30 cm. Prohibit the use of a dice to play another dice, or put the card on the wall blowing out the practice.
    2. The dealer’s first roll, the number of points earned is the base of the opening, and the number of the second roll. The dealer is the first, according to the counterclockwise order, Zhuang for the East, the points for the 5,9 points; Zhuang home for the South, points for the 2,6,10 points; Zhuang to the door for the West, the number of points For 3,7,11 points; Zhuang Shang home for the north, the points for the 4,8,12 points. According to the points of the dealer roll, then by the point of the second roll.
    3. The sum of the points of the second roll, and the sum of the points of the two rolls.
    4. Open the card. In the second roll of the code, the number of cards from the right to the left and the number of points to the same pier, the dealer began to catch the two pier, and then order the clockwise order of the card, until everyone caught 3 times a total of 12 cards, and then by the dealer jump card (separated by a pier) catch the upper two cards, others followed by a grasp. The banker has 14 cards and 13 others.
    (6) card, trial card, fill the flowers sorting the hands of the cards, neatly arranged, look at the licensing potential. Such as the hands of a flower card, first by the dealer make up flowers. And then by the South, West, North home by make up, the whole time shall not exceed 30 seconds, then the dealer played the first card.
    (Seven) line of cards to carry out the process. This process includes playing cards, playing cards, eating cards, playing cards, opening bars (bright bars, dark bars), up to and cards or cards.

    Line rules

    First, language norms
    The line of the process can only use the “eat card” “touch card” (can not replace the bar) “bar” (can not use the card instead) “and card” “fill flowers” and other words, where to eat, touch, There must be in the above normative language card; can not use “wait”, “wait” “look” and the like words. The card is not reported card name.
    Second, the line order
    According to the counter-clockwise direction of the card, card, eat cards, touch cards, bars, cards, and licensing.
    Third, draw the card
    In a counterclockwise direction. The order is the dealer, south, west, north home. Draw the card, the home to play after the card, their ability to draw cards, home did not play the card, they can not hands touch cards.
    Four, out of the card
    Who caught or eat, touch, open the bar, make up the flowers, and the card will have to play a card. The first time the dealer completes the draw from the draw (including the flower) to the card is limited to 30 seconds. Afterwards, including the home, each time from the home to play cards, to their own card for a time limit of 15 seconds (including eating, touch cards, make up flowers); allowed to play at the same time into the card; In front of their own clear, and then into the pool; into the brand pool brand to orderly from left to right placed, placed to the first six, and then another line, arranged neatly in order to observe The
    Five, eat cards
    On the home to play cards, and their hands can be composed of a straight son, you can report to eat, the composition of the straight along the legislation in front of legislation. Allow the same time to eat (or touch) to play the card; allow to eat touch (bar), and with Zhang hit the card; reported should be slightly slower.
    Six, touch cards
    Some people play the card with their hands in the same child, can be reported to deal with the composition of a pair of carved and placed in the legislation before the card. “Touch” than “eat” priority. To play cards to be faster, to be reported within 3 seconds.
    Seven, open bars
    After the opening of the card should be in the card wall finally fill a card. Eat, the hands of a bar, can not open bars. Only in the next time after their own card to grasp the bar “bar” than “eat” priority. Bars are divided into the following two.
    (A) Ming bar: others play a hand with the dark car the same card, that is, the bar (no longer carved). Or caught into a card has been hit with the same card can also be reported to open the bar, Mingba must be placed in their own legislation before the card. There is no longer no longer count “in front of clear.”
    (B) dark bars: caught the same four cards, you can press the bar. Dark bars should be deducted in front of their own brand. In a card or bad card, must be bright, so that the other three check, quit fraud. Dark bar does not affect the “front clear”.
    Eight, put the card
    Wherever you go, the bar is on the left side of the card; touch the bar on the card to be placed between the two cards of the card; touch the bar under the card, to cross in the The right side of the card.

    And licensing requirements

    One, and the card of the program
    And the card must first be reported and the card, and hand finishing after the bright, reported that the card and their own species, scores, and then recognized by the other three and the referee. The other three in the card before the confirmation, shall not put their hand down.
    Second, and the requirements of the card
    (1) The card type must have one of the following cards
    1. And the basic card type
    (1) 11,123,123,123,123
    (2) 11,123,123,123,111 (1111, the same below)
    (3) 11,123,123,111,111
    (4) 11,123,111,111,111.
    (5) 11,111,111,111,111.
    2. And the special card type
    (1) 11,11,11,11,11,11,11 (seven pairs).
    (2) 1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,11 (thirteen unitary).
    (3) 1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1 (seven stars do not rely on, all do not rely on).
    (Note: 1 = leaflet 11 = will, pair 111 = carved 1111 = bar 123 = straight)
    (B) the way of playing cards
    1. And their own cards and cards (including the bones on the flowers, flowers and flowers)
    2. Point and: and the cards played by others (including grab bars and).
    (C) and the card
    A plate can only have one and the card. If one person or more at the same time that the card and the card from counter to counterclockwise, the order in the former was designated as “and the card”.

    Score score

    The “rules” identified a total of 81 species, divided into nine series, namely: the word card series, the number of licensing series, carved series, seven pairs of series, color combination series, all series, do not rely on series, Series, special series. Score is based on the game into units, the composition of the different types of quantitative evaluation. Score is divided into 12, followed by 88,64,48,32,24,16,12,8,6,4,2,1 points.
    In line with the licensing conditions, the different series of species can be in accordance with the scoring principle, according to the following table scores, combined score.
    The definition of the score number
    88 Fan
    1. Daxi four by the wind carved (bar) composed of the card.
    (Regardless of the wind engraved, the door wind engraved, three wind engraved, bump and, unitary nine moment, missing the door.
    2. Big three yuan and the card, there are white in the three sub-carved.
    (Excluding arrows, double arrows, missing doors.)
    3. Green and color by the 23468 and the words of any card in the composition of the straight, carved, and the card.
    (Regardless of the same color, such as “no” made of the word and the card, can be considered.
    4. Nine Lotus lights by a color number of signs by 1112345678999 composed of a specific type of card, see the same color any one order card and Serve.
    (Regardless of the same color, do not ask for people, in front of clear, unitary nine moment, missing a door, no word.)
    5. Four bars 4 bars.
    (Excluding bumper and, three bars, double dark bars, double Ming bars, dark bars, Ming bars, single fishing will.)
    6. A pair of seven pairs of cards connected by a sequence of numbers.
    (Regardless of the same, do not ask for people, single fishing, seven pairs, in front of clear, lack a door, no word, generally high, peace, even six.
    7. Thirteen units from the three order number of cards, nine cards, seven kinds of cards and one of the pair will be composed of the card.
    (Excluding five doors Qi, do not ask for people, single fishing, all with unitary, in front of clear.)
    64 times
    8. Qing unitary nine by the order number of cards, nine carved elements and the card.
    (Excluding the collision and, with the carved, no word, mixed unitary nine, all the unitary unitary, unitary nine.
    9. Small four hi and the card when the wind card of the three carved and the card.
    (Excluding three wind engraved, unitary nine, lack of a door.)
    10. Small ternary and card when the Wrigley two pairs of carved and the card.
    (Without arrows, double arrows, missing one.)
    11. Word by color by the character of the engraved (bar), will be composed of the card.
    (Excluding the collision and, mixed unitary nine, all the unitary unit, unitary nine, lack of a door.
    12. Four dark carved four dark carved (dark bar).
    (Not before the door, touch and.)
    13. One color Ssangyong will be a color of the two young and old deputy, 5 for the card.
    (Regardless of peace, seven pairs, all-like, generally high, young and old deputy, missing a door, no word.)
    48 Fan
    14. One color four with a suit 4 times the same order of the straight son.
    (Regardless of the same three homogeneous, one color three high, generally high, lack a door, four return one, seven pairs, peace.
    15. One color four high one color 4 followed by increasing the number of one-bit engraved.
    (Regardless of the same three homogeneous, one color three high, generally high, missing a door, and touch and.)
    32 Fan
    16. One color four steps high one color 4 followed by increasing the number of digits or sequentially increase the two-digit straight.
    (No one color three steps high, lack of a door.)
    17. Three bars three bars.
    (Excluding double dark bars, Shuang Ming bars, dark bars, Ming bars.)
    18. The unit of the nine by the number of cards and the number of cards one or nine of the card with the card and the composition of the card.
    (Excluding the collision and, all the unitary unit, unitary.)
    24 Fan
    19. Seven pairs consist of seven pairs of cards and cards.
    (Not to mention people, single fishing, in front of the Qing, more than five, less than five, all, the whole, all small.
    20. Seven stars do not have to rely on seven leaflets in the north and south of the white, with three kinds of colors, according to 147,258,369 seven series of signs of the card does not have the card and the card.
    (Not five doors Qi, not seeking people, all do not rely on, single fishing, in front of clear.
    twenty one. Full-engraved by the 2,4,6,8 order card of the carved, the card will be composed of cards.
    (Excluding bumper and off, no word).
    twenty two. All by a suit of cards and cards.
    (Without words, missing one.)
    twenty three. One color three with the card when there is a color 3 times the same order of the straight son.
    (Regardless of color three high, generally high.)
    twenty four. One color three high and the card when there is a color 3 followed by an increase in the number of engraved.
    (Regardless of the same three-way, generally high.)
    25. All by the order number 789 composed of straight son, carved child (bar), the card and the card.
    (Excluding no words, greater than 5.)
    26. All by the order number card 456 composed of straight son, carved child (bar), the card and the card.
    (Without words or words).
    27. Full length by the order number card 123 composed of straight, carved (bar) will be the card and the card.
    (Excluding no words, less than 5.)
    16 Fan
    28. Qinglong and licensing, there is a color 1-9 connected to the order number of cards.
    (Excluding six.)
    29. Three-color Ssangyong will be two kinds of color 2 old and young, another color 5 for the card and the card.
    (Regardless of hi meet, young and old deputy, no word, peace.)
    30. One color three steps high and the card, there is a color 3 followed by an increase or in order to increase the two straight son.
    31. All five pairs of cards and cards must have 5 order cards.
    (Do not count down, no word.)
    32. Three engraved with the same order of three engraved (bar).
    (Do not count both engraved.)
    33. Three dark engraved three dark engraved.
    (No double engraved.)
    12 times
    34. All by the single leaf of three kinds of color 147,258,369 can not dislocate the number of cards and southeast of the white in any of the 14 cards and the card.
    (Excluding five doors, do not ask for people, single fishing, in front of clear.)
    35. Combination of three kinds of color 147,258,369 can not dislocate the order number card.
    36. More than five by the order number 6-9 straight son, carved, will be composed of cards and cards.
    (Without words).
    37. Less than five by the order number 1-4 of the straight, carved, the card will be composed of the card.
    (Without words).
    38. Three wind engraved three wind engraved.
    (Do not count the unitary nine, lack of a door, if the circle of wind engraved, the door can also increase the wind car.
    8 Fan
    39. Flowers 3 kinds of colors of the three straight son connected to 1-9 order number card.
    40. Push the card pattern is not up and down the composition of the card, including 1234589 cake, 245,689, white board.
    (Not a short one).
    41. Three-color three with the card, there are three kinds of colors 3 the same order of the straight son.
    (Do not meet.)
    42. Three-color three-section high and the card, there are three kinds of colors in three successive increments of the engraved.
    (Do not meet.)
    43. No fan and the card, the number of any number of points.
    (Flower card is not included)
    44. The last card and the card on the wall.
    (Regardless of touch).
    45. Sea fishing month and hit the last card.
    46. Bar on the blooming card into the card into the card and card.
    (Not including fill flowers, regardless of touch.)
    47. Grab bars and others from scratch open the bar of the card.
    (And never.)
    6 Fan
    48. Bumps and consists of four pairs of engraved (or bars), the cards that make up the cards.
    49. A pair of cards consisting of a number of cards and plates.
    50 three-color three-step high three kinds of colors 3 followed by increasing the order of a straight son.
    51. Five Qi and three cards when the order number of cards, wind, Wrigley complete.
    52. All seeking to rely on to eat, touch cards, single fishing others granted cards and cards.
    (Excluding single fishing.)
    53. Double dark bars 2 dark bars.
    (Excluding dark bars, double engraved.)
    54. Double arrow engraved two arrows (or bars).
    (Excluding arrows.)
    4 Fan
    55. All cards and cards, each card, the card has a unit card.
    56. Do not ask for 4 cards and will not eat cards, touch cards, self-touch and licensing.
    (Including Mingba, regardless of the door before the Qing, self-touch.)
    57. Double-ming bars
    (Do not count the bar.)
    58. And the card and the pool, the desktop has been bright 3 cards left the fourth card (grab bars and not charge and never).
    2 Fan
    59. An angel consisting of three identical cards.
    60. Circle wind engraved with the same wind wind engraved.
    61. Door wind engraved with the door wind the same wind engraved.
    62. In front of the Qing did not eat, touch, Ming bars, and others play the card.
    63. Peace by four straight and order number for the composition and the card (no word), side, Hom, fishing does not affect the peace.
    (Without words).
    64. Four return one and the card, there are four identical cards attributed to a Shun, carved, right, will be in the card.
    (Not including bars)
    65. Double engraved with the same order of two engraved.
    66. Double dark engraved two dark engraved.
    67. Dark bar self-grasping four identical cards open bars.
    68. There is no one, nine and the plate in the card.
    (Without words).
    1 fan
    69. Generally high by a color 2 pairs of the same straight composition of the card.
    70. Hi meet 2 kinds of color 2 times the same order of the straight son.
    71. With six kinds of colors 6 connected to the order number of cards.
    72. Young and old one color card 123,789 two straight.
    73. Unitary nine notes of the same one, nine order number card and the composition of the card (or bar).
    74. Ming bars have their own dark carved, touch someone else to play out the same card to open the bar: or grab their own with a touch of the same card to open the bar.
    75. Lack of a card and the lack of a number of cards.
    76. No word and the card without wind, Wrigley.
    77. Side sheets and 123 of 3 and 789 of 7 or 1233 and 3,7789 and 7 are both sides. The hands of 12345 and 3,56789 and 7 not the edge of Zhang.
    78. And the cards between the two cards. 4556 and 5 are also flute, the hands of 45567 and 6 is not easy.
    79. Single fishing will be a single card will become and.
    80. Touch their own cards into the card and licensing.
    81. Flower card that spring and summer autumn and winter, Meilan bamboo chrysanthemum, each flower a point. Regardless of in the points and points, and after the card to score. Flower card fill flowers and the amount of self-touch, regardless of bar on the flowering.

    Match results

    One, the disc score
    Each score and the card as a prerequisite for the game is divided into the basic unit of calculation, according to the principle of scoring, with reference to the score table to score.
    (A) the premise of the card
    1. Must comply with the rules of the card type.
    2. The sum of the values is at least 8 points.
    3. In line with the provisions of the card mode.
    (B) the composition of the composition of the card scores
    From the bottom points: basic points and penalties.
    1. The end of the points: refers to the card, and the card must be and the card side to pay the game points, score 8 points.
    2. Basic points: refers to the card after the various species of points and sum.
    3. Penalty: The number of referees who are penalized for the foul of the athlete in the course of the line shall be deducted at the end of each dish.
    (C) the calculation of scores
    After each plate and card, calculate the score according to the following formula
    1. Self-touch: (bottom points + basic points) × 3 side (not and licensing side)
    2. Point and: the bottom sub-× 3 square (not and licensing side) + basic points × 1 square (point and side)
    (4) scoring procedures
    Scoring using self-reported, public announcement, referee approved procedures. And the licensee announced the score, after the same table athletes recognized by the referee approved, and in the brand and a discount card, said the end of the calculation process. And the licensee or others are not allowed to re-examine or catch the missing species. Referees in accordance with the provisions of the requirements, in the “record record” in the record of the relevant matters, and athletes, referees signed.
    (5) the basic points of the scoring principle
    The “rules” of the “classification” is the basis for the card score. And after the card, the first according to the “variety of scores” to determine the main species, and no necessarily associated with the various species of combination, the cumulative score. Scoring, the following principles must be followed.
    1. Do not repeat the principle
    When a species, due to the conditions of the group card decision, in its establishment at the same time, must also coexist with other species, then the other species do not repeat the score.
    2. Do not remove the principle
    To determine a species, can not be separated from each other to form a new species of each score.
    3. Not the same principle
    Where a combination of a certain number of cards, can not be combined with the other cards constitute the same species score
    4. The principle of high is not low
    There are two or more cards, it may be composed of more than two species, and can only choose one of the scoring, you can choose points of high points.
    5. Set a principle
    If there is not a combination of a card, only with the combination of a corresponding card once a set.

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