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Popular mahjong (Chess game)

At the beginning of the mass mahjong game, a player from the village. The meaning of the dealer is that he can start with fourteen cards, the other players can only take 13 cards. If the dealer if the Hu card, then the next can continue even Zhuang, or that by the dealer’s home to do Zhuang The hand is usually done four times in the four players after the end of the village.

Chinese name
Popular mahjong
Foreign language name
Volkswagen Mahjong
Number of people
Four people
Poker game
A total of 144 sheets
Order number card
Total 108 sheets
A total of 28 sheets
A total of eight

table of Contents

 1 rules of the game
  1.  Game cards
  2.  Terminology
  3.  action terms
    2 type introduction
     88 times

    1.  64 times
    2.  48 times
    3.  32 times
    4.  24 times
    5.  16 times
    6.  12 times
    7.  8 times
    8.  6 times
    9.  4 Fan
    10.  2 times
    11.  1 turn

      game rules

      The number of games

      1) 108 cards in total
      A) million sub-card: from ten thousand to nine million, each 4, a total of 36.
      B) Pizza: from a cake to nine cakes, each 4, a total of 36 sheets.
      C) Slave card: from one to nine, each four, a total of 36 sheets.
      2) plate : East, South, West, North, in, hair, white 4, a total of 28.
      3) flower card : spring, summer, autumn, winter, plum, bamboo, chrysanthemum, blue one, a total of eight.


      1) plate: every time from the card to the card or card as a plate.
      2) Circle: line a week for a circle.

      3) Banker: start by the East who asked the dealer (see “start”), after the Hu card for the banker, if the card is the banker’s next Zuozhuang Zhuang.
      4) home, home, home: sitting opposite to his home called home, sitting on his left hand side called home, sitting on his right hand side called home.
      5) hand: put in front of their cards for the hand, the standard number of 13. The cards are not counted in the standard number of cards.

      6) card wall, licensing city: four in front of their own code into 15 pier, that is, called the wall. Four cards around the wall called the city. 7) pairs: two identical cards.
      8) Straight: 3 cards with the same number of lines
      9) touch: 3 the same touch card.
      10) Bars: 4 identical cards
      11) Carved: 3 identical cards, clearly engraved (touch), dark engraved (the same three cards in the hand).

      Action terms

      Eat: refers to any one to play the card, the newspaper “eat” to remove their own two cards, together to form a straight son, and according to the provisions of this card debut in the legislation before the card. Volkswagen mahjong can eat cards.

      Touch: refers to any one to play the card, the newspaper “touch” to take their own pairs of children, together to form a pair of touch, and according to the provisions of this card debut in the legislation before the card. Volkswagen mahjong can play cards.

      Bar: bars are divided into bars and bars. Ming is divided into two cases: the first case is their own hands have three identical cards, the other players out of the same card, then you can use their own hands to the “bar” other players hit the goes brand. The other case is touched later, they touched the same card and thus make up the same four cards. Dark bar: his hands have 4 the same card, after playing the “bar”. After the “bar” must be dice once, according to the dice points (1 to 6) from the card tail tail (1 to 6 piers).
      Hu card: in line with the provisions of the licensing conditions, to achieve the standard Hu card and reported Hu card behavior.

      Scrapped cards : each card to catch the first 120 cards, after the show is still no people Hu card. After the bankruptcy of the banker’s house.

      Introduction to type

      88 Fan

      1 big four hi by the four wind engraved (bar) composed of the card. Excluding circle inscribed wind, house style engraved, three wind carved, bumper, and
      2 big three yuan and the card, there are white in the three sub-carved. Do not count arrows
      3 green and one color by the 23468 and the word in the composition of any card straight, carved five, and the card. Do not mix the same color. If the “hair” of the composition of the card, can be calculated
      4 Nine Lotus Highlights A special card type consisting of 11 12 345 6 78 99 9, which is made up of any number of cards. Do not know everything
      5 four bars 4 bars
      6 pairs of seven pairs of a number of cards from the composition of the order number of seven pairs of cards connected. Do not look for the same, do not ask for people, single fishing
      7 13 Terminals by a nine cards, seven kinds of three kinds of cards ordinal number plates and a pair for the composition and cards . Do not count five door Qi , do not ask for people, single fishing

      64 times

      7 clear unitary nine by the order number card , nine carved son and the card . Do not touch the collision and the same car, no word
      8 small four hi and the card when the wind card of the three carved and the card. Do not count three wind engraved
      9 small ternary and card when the Wrigley two pairs of carved and the card. Do not count arrows
      10 words by color by the card of the engraved (bar), will be composed of the card. Do not touch and touch
      12 four dark engraved four dark engraved (dark bars). Regardless of front clear , bump and
      13 color Ssangyong will be a color of the two young and old deputy , 5 for the card. Regardless of the flat, seven pairs , all-like

      48 Fan

      14 one color four with a color 4 times the same order of the straight son, regardless of color three high , generally high, four return one
      15 Isshiki four high Novel Flower Color 4-digit ascending order pung not count the same color along Triples , bumper and

      32 Fan

      16- color four-step high a color 4 followed by increasing the number of one or the number of successive two straight
      17 three bars and three bars
      18 Mixed unitary nine by the plates and the sequence number of cards with a pung, nine cards of the composition and cards . Do not touch and touch

      24 Fan

      19 pairs of seven pairs of cards and cards . Do not ask for people, single fishing
      20 seven stars do not rely on the need to have seven leaflets in the north and south in the white, plus three kinds of colors, according to 147, 258, 369 in the seven order card is not the card and the card. Do not count five door Qi , do not ask for people, single fishing
      21 full double by 2, 4, 6, 8 order card of the carved, the card will be composed of cards. Do not touch and break
      22 is the same as the order of a kind of color order straight son, carved (bar), the card will be composed of cards and cards. All without a word, lack of a door.
      23 one color three with the card when there is a color 3 times the same order of the same. Excluding high Isshiki three
      Isshiki high 24 three and cards there is a suit in ascending order of three-digit moment when. Regardless of the same three
      25 The whole is made up of the order card 789, and the card (the bar), the card and the card. Not without words
      26 by the order number card 456 composed of straight son, carved child (bar), the card and the card. Excluding broken unitary
      27 full length by the order number card 123 composed of straight, carved (bar) will be the card and the card. Not without words

      16 Fan

      28 Qing Long and cards when there is a color 1-9 connected sequence number of cards
      29 three-color Ssangyong will be two kinds of color two young and old vice , another color 5 for the card and the card. Do not like to meet, young and old, no word, peace
      30 three-color three-step high and the card, there is a color 3 followed by an increase or in order to increase the two-digit straight
      31 full with five each pair of cards and the cards must have ordinal number 5 cards. Excluding broken unitary
      32 three engraved with the same order of three engraved (bar)
      33 three dark engraved three dark engraved

      12 times

      34 all by the single leaf 3 kinds of colors 147, 258, 369 can not dislocate the number of cards and southeast of the white in any of the 14 cards made of cards and cards . Do not count five door Qi , do not ask for people, single fishing
      35 combination of three kinds of colors of the 147, 258, 369 can not dislocate the order number of cards
      36 is greater than five by the order number 6-9 straight son, carved, will be composed of cards and cards. Without words
      37 Less than five by the order number 1-4 1-4 son, carved, will be composed of cards and cards. Without words
      38 three wind engraved three wind engraved

      8 Fan

      39 flower dragon 3 kinds of color of the three straight son connected to 1-9 order card
      40 push does not fall by the card face graphics are not up and down the composition of the cards and cards , including 1234589 cake, 245,689, whiteboard. Not a shortage
      41 three-color three with the card, there are three kinds of color 3 times the same order of the straight son
      42 three-color three-section high and the card, there are three kinds of colors in three successive increments of the engraved
      43 no fan and the card, the number of no number of sub-species (flower card does not count)
      44 handsome rejuvenation from the wall of the last card and card. Regardless of touch
      45 sea fishing month and hit the last card
      46 bar flowering open bar caught in the cards into and cards (not including applique), excluding Zimo
      47 grab bars and others from scratch open the bar of the card. Countless and never

      6 Fan

      48 bumps and four cards (or bars), the cards and the cards
      49 Mixed same color from a color ordinal cards and plates and plate composed of
      50 three-color three-step high three kinds of colors 3 followed by increasing the order of a straight son
      51 five Qi and three cards when the order number of cards, wind, Wrigley complete
      52 all seeking to rely on to eat, touch cards, single fishing others granted cards and cards. Do not count a single fishing
      53 double dark bars 2 dark bars
      54 is double arrow engraved two arrows engraved (or bar)

      4 Fan

      55 All cards and cards , each card, the card has a unit card
      56 do not ask for 4 cards and will not eat cards, touch cards (including Ming bars ), self-touch and licensing
      57 double Ming bars 2 Ming bars
      58 and the cap and the pool, the desktop has been bright 3 cards left the fourth card ( grab bars and not charge and never)

      2 Fan

      59 arrow engraved by the medium, hair, white three cards of the same card
      60 laps wind engraved with the wind the same wind
      61 door wind engraved with the door wind the same wind
      62 in front of the Qing did not eat, touch, Ming bars , and others play the card
      63 peace and by four straight and order number for the composition of the card , side, Hom, fishing does not affect the peace
      64 four normalization and cards, the same cards attributed to a cis-4, pung of the cards (not including bar card )
      65 pairs of the same car with the same number of two engraved carved elements
      66 double dark engraved two dark engraved
      67 dark bars from scratch the same four cards open bars
      68 off unitary and is not a brand, nine and plates
      69 No God of Wealth card when no God of Wealth or God of Wealth instead of their own color use

      1 fan

      70 is generally high by a suit of two identical pairs of colors
      71 hi meet 2 kinds of color 2 times the same order of the straight son
      72 with six kinds of colors 6 connected to the order number of cards
      73 pairs of young and old color card 123, 789 two straight son
      74 unitary nine minutes of the same one, nine order number card and the composition of the card (or bar)
      75 stickers have their own dark carved , touch someone else to play a similar card to open the bar : or caught a touch with the same amount of the opening of the card
      76 the lack of a licensing and the lack of a color sequence number of cards
      77 no word and the card without wind, Wrigley
      78 side sheets and 123 of 3 and 789 of 7 or 1233 and 3, 77879 and 7 are all sheets. The hands of 12345 and 3, 56789 and 6 not the edge of Zhang
      79 cards and two cards between the cards. 4556 and 5 are also flute, the hands of 45567 and 6 is not easy
      80 single fishing will be a single card card will become and
      A bright card consisting of a red bar and a straight bar
      82 touch their own cards into the cards and cards
      83 flower that spring, summer, autumn and winter, Meilan bamboo chrysanthemum, each flower a point. Regardless of in the points and points, and after the card to score. Flower card fill flowers and the amount of self-touch, regardless of bar on the flowering

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