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Chinese Mahjong Competition Rules

Mahjong originated in China, to the middle of the Qing Dynasty basic stereotypes. Chinese name Chinese Mahjong Competition Rules Period The middle of the Qing Dynasty Origin China Features Puzzle, fun, game table of Contents  Preface General ▪ purpose ▪ Code of Conduct  equipment venues ▪ Auxiliary appliances ▪ Site equipment General rules of …

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Happy mahjong

Happy mahjong all play a good way to do the same color card attention to the details of inventory! Saying yesterday Xiaobian with the players introduced the “happy mahjong” to do some color cards of some skills, but because the hand is ever-changing, so the small partners in the play …

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European Mahjong Championship 2017

Between May 25 and 28, 2017 will be held in the Portuguese city of Povoa de Varzim the 6th European Championship of Mahjong (6th OEMC). The tournament will consist of a total of 10 rounds of 2 hours each, 4 on Friday 26, 4 on Saturday 27 and 2 on …

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What is mahjong and how to play mahjong

how to play mahjong

  Characteristics and objective In order to understand what Mahjong is and be able to play, we must first think that a set of Mahjong is for Asians as a deck of cards for Europeans and Americans. What’s more, it would be like 4 decks, since in a Mahjong set …

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