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European Mahjong Championship 2017

Between May 25 and 28, 2017 will be held in the Portuguese city of Povoa de Varzim the 6th European Championship of Mahjong (6th OEMC). The tournament will consist of a total of 10 rounds of 2 hours each, 4 on Friday 26, 4 on Saturday 27 and 2 on …

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What is mahjong and how to play mahjong

how to play mahjong

  Characteristics and objective In order to understand what Mahjong is and be able to play, we must first think that a set of Mahjong is for Asians as a deck of cards for Europeans and Americans. What’s more, it would be like 4 decks, since in a Mahjong set …

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Mahjong A game game

Mahjong (A game game) Mahjong originated in China , Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao commonly known as “sparrow”, invented by the ancient Chinese game games, entertainment equipment, usually with a small rectangular block made of bamboo, bone or plastic, engraved with patterns or words, each pair of 136 The Four dominoes …

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