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Mahjong’s basic knowledge

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Mahjong is a very well known indoor game especially in the China it is quite famous. This game is also famous with the name of “Majiang”, “Mah jong” and so many other names. Mostly fans of this game trying to find out it with the other name which is “free …

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Mahjong origin

Mahjong origin Some people think that in the Spring and Autumn Warring States period, some people think that the Ming Dynasty Wanli years, different opinions, but it is certain that the mahjong is China’s national essence, undoubtedly. Mahjong formerly known as “sparrow”, the early years of the Republic of China from …

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mahjong and bridge

mahjong and bridge The Chinese people’s play is “playing mahjong”, Westerners play cards. I will play these two cards because they do not often play, so not fine But I still think playing mahjong is much more interesting than playing bridge. One hundred forty-four cards, changing. And all the rules, you can play a …

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Mahjong tips

Mahjong tips 1.The system will automatically help you to determine whether you can “eat” or “touch card”, such as your hand card has 12344 cable, this time if the home play 1 or 4 cable, the system will remind you If you do not want to “eat” or “play cards”, …

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Mahjong Eastern civilization

Mahjong: Eastern civilization to conquer the vanguard of the West In fact, in terms of athletic level, Western mahjong has reached a very high standard. “World Mahjong Organization” was established in 2005, is the authority of the international mahjong movement, economist Yu Guangyuan to 90 years old as the chairman of …

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American Classical

Ancient Hubei people will play: not only mahjong, and play more than now Speaking of mahjong everyone’s mind should be the first impression of Hubei , after all, Hubei people love to play mahjong is not a day or two, and do not play two laps every day feel a little less …

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Mahjong Lianliankan

Mahjong Lianliankan “Mahjong Lianliankan” is mainly in a three-dimensional sense of the mahjong box with colorful multi-colored exquisite text and small patterns for the material, through the Flash software and Flash programming language Flash ActionScript produced SWF format game, easy to operate, Green, no need to install, file size is small, just can open …

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Americans also love playing mahjong

Americans also love playing mahjong, do you know? To see how they are playing … “According to incomplete statistics, there are about 50 to 20 to 30 years of age in the United States to participate in this activity, and most of them are women, but on a global scale, it …

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Play the American mahjong

Play the American mahjong In the lobby of the elderly day care center, after lunch every day, some old friends will play an American game card (rummikub), often they are full of concentration and high concentration, surrounded by onlookers and many interesting. I was attracted to them and began to pay attention …

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