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Americans also love playing mahjong

Americans also love playing mahjong, do you know? To see how they are playing …

“According to incomplete statistics, there are about 50 to 20 to 30 years of age in the United States to participate in this activity, and most of them are women, but on a global scale, it is still a male player,” said Larry Engel, vice president of the American Mahjong Union. Mostly. ”

But it is said that teachers and places can not be found. The Let the American people feel great.

The history of the American mahjong: As early as the 20th century, 20 years, mahjong has spread to the United States …


n 1920, the American Jewish businessman Joseph Babcock (JosephParkBabcock) learned mahjong in Suzhou, and a mahjong back to the United States began to systematically introduce the Chinese mahjong to the Americans.From the mahjong card to the mahjong rules, and even the mahjong English transliteration “Mah-Jongg” are brought to him by the United States.

The simplification course, the RulesofMah-Jongg, which he wrote for Europe and the United States, was called the “Redbook”, almost one of the most popular books of the time.After this complex and sophisticated game quickly attracted the interest of the Americans, mahjong began to enter the US market on a large scale.

In 1922, the United States imported 13 million pairs of mahjong, each priced at up to 500 US dollars, but soon was sold out. In 1923, the US mahjong sales soared to 1.5 million pairs, 15 million people played mahjong. In 1923, the United States mahjong sales soared to 1.5 million, 15 million people play mahjong. In the same year, New York Park Avenue annual street will be invited to invite 12 Chinese people to show you to play mahjong, the results of the first day of the street, for the display of the mahjong card was spectators bought.

Due to the purchase of too many people, the market was in short supply situation. Importers for this special staff to all parts of China’s rural areas from the mahjong players in the hands of the acquisition, both old and new, as long as the mahjong, are brought to the hands of American players. There was a vigorous mahjong boom in the United States, and the word “Mah-Jongg-craze”, which portrayed the situation. EddieCantor in 1924 even wrote a “When Mom was playing mahjong (SinceMaisPlayingMahJong)”.

At that time, Hu Shi found that “there is a period of time, mahjong has become the most fashionable game in Western society. The club almost tables are mahjong, bookstore out of a lot of research mahjong pamphlet, Chinese students can not money “Who can not dream of the Eastern civilization to conquer the Western vanguard is that one hundred thirty-six mahjong!” Until the twentieth century (the twentieth century), the United States and the United States, In the fifties and sixties, American middle-class white women also popular “mahjong night” party, they hung at home Chinese-style lanterns, wearing Chinese dress to play mahjong, creating a thick oriental atmosphere. Will be treated very high, actually, there are special alliances and exhibitions.

In 1937, the National Mahjong Union was proclaimed, the first meeting of the Union was held in New York, the delegates were 200 Jewish women. The Jewish Heritage Museum, located in New York, collects information on mahjong landing and settling in the country, and has set up an exhibition to all over the country.

As of 2014, the National Mahjong Union has more than 350,000 members. What is the difference between American mahjong:

To make it clear how American mahjong is different, we have to understand how Chinese mahjong is different. American mahjong usually contains 152 cards. The following figure, the north, and south of the following three cards, the equivalent of our whiteboard, fortune, and red. The eight more “Joker” cards are equivalent to the wild cards in some parts of our country.

 It can be used in conjunction with other cards, a Quint (five identical cards) and Sextet (six identical cards) that can be used as any single card. Some people use traditional Chinese mahjong, and some people use the “native color” of the mahjong.

For example, the Chinese mahjong things north and south was changed to New York, Mexico, San Francisco, Canada. Red, green hair, the white board is turned into a red, blue and white mesh pattern, the cheese into the United States on the flag of the stars, the strip is red stripes, million is the US dollar, flower card is into drinks, cars, aircraft and other patterns. Headquartered in New York, the National Mahjong Union has issued an “American” mahjong every year and has issued an annual “American” mahjong rule card. Above is the mahjong rules of the game, lists a few winners of the mahjong combination. Only fifty or two bureaus can win every year. So, we often see the spread of Americans on the network to play mahjong photos, they often put a small card on the edge of the table.


Did not the American Mahjong Association make a card every year? Such a card is not casually can find drops, people made the card is to sell money! On the Amazon website, buy a standard card issued by the National Mahjong Union, spent $ 8. According to the buyer’s “sclairet” message said: This is a width of 4 inches, five inches long three fold card. After the start, four inches wide, 15 inches long, positive and negative sides printed on the rules of what. Big version of the United States and then expensive knife!

You can also open mahjong training classes.

There are private mahjong schools or mahjong classes throughout the United States. Interested parties can study mahjong plays in Chinese, including Chinese, American, and Japanese. Jewish traditional university also opened a mahjong course.

In 2012, the Skirball Museum (SkirballCulturalCenter) launched the “eternal wonders” mahjong exhibition. Once the exhibition has been launched, it has become the most popular exhibition area. Many Americans scrambled for the scheduled mahjong table, and the American Jews would have to fight for an afternoon before they could leave. The exhibition hall receives ten tours a day to explain the mahjong culture. Those who are interested in in-depth knowledge can also attend mahjong course on Monday and Wednesday. These mahjong tables in the center of the exhibition can be described as hot, the table in September as early as mid-July was booked out. Mahjong teacher’s income is currently no official statistics. However, according to “overseas newspaper” reported that Los Angeles Nathanberg couples are taught mahjong class teachers. They run the mahjong class 1 year 5, each 8 classes, each student charges $ 45 per student.



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